Bloemfontein Camera Club meeting: Outcome of my images submitted – August 2016

Last night we had our monthly camera club meeting for September 2016 and I haven’t even posted the results of the month of August yet. So, here it is:

Bloemfontein camera club:


A. Nature category

Just a reminder – no manipulation using computer software is allowed in this category – so what you see was what I’ve captured (and I do not like the manipulation part of Photoshop or photography for that matter).



Catch in last light – scored 12/15 (Gold award)

Nikon D3S camera, Nikon 200-400mmf4 lens @300mm, handheld, ISO 800, f4, 1/6400 second, exposure compensation = -0.67, Aperture priority, White Balance – sun, 30 meters from eagle.

An image taken a few years during our trip to Norway. Not very easy capturing these eagles taken the fish from the water handheld and shooting from a small motorboat. Satisfied that I was able to get a decent shot.





 Lioness wake up – scored 10/15 (Silver award)

Nikon D4 camera, Nikon 600mmf4 lens, Gimpro head on power clamp fixed to the seat of the vehicle. ISO 800, f8, 1/2000 second, exposure compensation = -1.00, Aperture priority, Fill in flash, White Balance – sun. 19 meters from lions

The image was taken in the Greater Kruger National Park – Sabie Sands. We followed the two lioness and the cubs for a while until they came to rest on a small height. It was possible to get a nice shot at eye-level with the lioness not interested in entertaining her cub. Missing out on a better score from judges because technically it is not a perfect image (I can just hear the comments of the judges – overcast, bad light, no eye contact, no catch-light in the eye, etc., etc.). Luckily it doesn’t bother me – I like the story telling element, so did judges of one international and one national photo competition.


B. Pictorial category

There are just the two categories in the camera club that the photographers can submit images for judging. In this category, anything type of images (you are allowed to manipulate images for this category) can be submitted but preferably not Nature/wildlife images.



Blind runner – score 11/15 (Gold award)

Nikon D4 camera, Nikon 600mmf4 lens, Gimpro head on tripod, ISO 1250, f8, 1/4000 second, exposure compensation = -1.33, Aperture priority, White Balance – sun, 50 meters from athletes.

An image taken during the national athletics championship held in Bloemfontein earlier this year – an image of yet another world record holder from Bloemfontein namely Louzanne Coetzee. Taken late in the afternoon around one bend where the sun was shining on that specific spot and the rest of the track was in shadows.



Message to take home

People do have different opinions regarding camera clubs. Some tend to stay with the camera clubs and submit their images every month. Other photographers do get frustrated and angry with the scores and critique from the judge and leave the club. No matter what your opinion regarding a camera club is, just remember the following:

It is important to seek critique on your work as well as to try and understand how people feel about your work. However, your main aim with photography should not be to take images for the purpose of getting many likes as possible. You aim should be to take images that you like, enjoy and that means something special to you. Yes, it is normal for you to try and take images that people will enjoy, but you should not go out into the field with that approach/your main aim. Do what you like to do and enjoy it yourself. It is just human nature that some people will not like your work, and more than often it will be the judges of a photography competition or the judges at your local camera club. Don’t get distracted or try and change your style just to satisfy the judges. Eventually such an approach will catch up with you and you will get discouraged with photography.


Until next month camera club meeting – keep on shooting

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