Outcome of my photography salon (competition) entries – Month of September 2015

There are still the results of two circuits in India for the month of September I need to receive. However, from experience I know this might take a while to be announced. In the mean while, I am posting the results of the other competitions received for the month of September. In my previous post re: salon results I’ve mentioned the fact that judging in South Africa is changing from remote judging to live judging. I think international salons are using live judging exclusively. So we are getting in line with international trends. However, I did receive some interesting national salon results this month and I am sure it is the result of the new live judging. With international salons, the judges are experts in their field with extensive experience. Which it surely not the case right now in South Africa. So one can expect some weird results as the live system is getting implemented. But lets continue with the results of the results for the month of Sept 2015:



The details of the salons are as follows:


Total number of salons entered:

9 (7 international salons & 2 national salons).

Overall outcome:

International: 71 acceptances from 116 photos entered = 55% acceptance rate (decreased from 66% last month)

National: 20 acceptances from 48 photos entered = 42% acceptance rate (decreased from 46% last month)

Medals: 5

COMs: 7


Now for the individual salons:


A. International salons


  1. Taipei 39th 2015 (Taipei)

Photos entered: 4 photos each entered in the Nature section

Acceptance: 2 acceptances (50% acceptance rate)

Comments: Like I’ve mentioned before, I do try and get 3 acceptances per image for my Galaxy PSA rating. Just received my third acceptance for Tree Squirrel 1. The previous two acceptances were back in 2013. The image was taken in the Kruger national park while driving in he Pafuri area in 2013. A quick stop and the squirrel gave me an opportunity to capture it while carrying food to the den.

Tree squirrel 1

Tree Squirrel 1

Kruger national park, South Africa



  1. German mega circuit 2015 (Germany)


This was 5-salon circuit

Photos entered: 4 photos each entered in Nature section = 20 entries

Acceptance: 1 COM & 14 acceptance (75% acceptance rate)

Comments: I had to develop 4 new images for this circuit because it would be useless to use images with previous acceptances. It could have resulted in too many acceptances per image (a waste). Jackal fly was an image that strikes me as an interesting story telling image. Therefore, I’ve decided to develop it even though I decided to use a different type of cropping – very close crop. It received 1 COM en three other acceptances for this image in this circuit. This isn an image that either you like it or not. The image was taken next the Cubitje Quap waterhole with the jackal about 6 meters from by vehicle. Never a dull moment with the BB jackals around.

Jackal fly 1400 300k 72d sRGB F W

Jackal fly

Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park, South Africa



  1. My Favourite circuit 2015 (Germany)


This was 5-salon circuit

Photos entered: 4 photos entered each in in Nature wildlife, Nature Birds and Nature Mammals sections = 60 entries

Acceptance: 1 medal, 2 COMS & 31 acceptances (57% acceptance rate)

Comments: One again, I had to develop 12 new images for this circuit for the very same reason as the previous circuit – with the aim to get the required 3 acceptances per image. Trunk near water was the image that received the medal in the Mammal section. As from lately I am trying to capture something different every time I do have the opportunity. So I decided to capture just the elephant trunk while drinking water instead of just having another image of the entire elephant drinking water. Also I am trying to show my readers what the human eye usually cannot see. This image was taken in one of my favourite wildlife place in Southern Africa.

 Trunk near water W

Trunk near water

Mashatu Nature reserve, Botswana



  1. 2nd Raiganj Salon 2015 (India)

Photos entered: 4 photos each entered in the Nature section

Acceptance: 2 acceptances (50% acceptance rate)

Comments: Goshawk rain shower received an acceptance in this salon – a different angle and perspective of the goshawk captured in Norway from the squirrel hide of Ole Martin Dahle (Flatanger). Very difficult circumstances to capture some action in low light conditions. It was even more difficult to process the image. Very satisfied to have received its 3rd acceptances in just its 4th entry. I now do have a better understanding of capturing wildlife action in the northern hemisphere (low light) where they do not have the sunlight we enjoy in Southern Africa.

Goshawk rain shower 1200 300k 72d sRGB W

Goshawk rain shower

Squirrel hide, Flatanger, Norway




  1. Finland 7th circuit 2015 (Finland)


This was 5-salon circuit

Photos entered: 4 photos entered in Nature section = 20 entries

Acceptance: 2 medals, 1 COM & 12 acceptances (75% acceptance rate)

Comments: Yet another first for me – the first (and successful) salon participation in Finland. I’ve developed 4 new images for this circuit and I was very meticulous with my selection. And the result is a reflection thereof. A very high acceptance rate. Wing touching water received one of the medals and was accepted in the four other salons.

Wing touching water W

Wing touching water

Flatanger, Norway


  1. Tallaght salon 2015 (Ireland)

Photos entered: 4 photos entered in Nature section

Acceptance: 1 acceptances (25% acceptance rate)

Comments: Wow, I was very lucky with this salon – only one acceptance. I was using images that needed just one more acceptance to get to the required 3 acceptances. Only Vulture dust achieved it. Well, maybe better luck next time for the other three images.

Vulture dust 1080 300k 72d sRGB W

Vulture dust

Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park, South Africa



  1. Bishnupur 1st salon 2015 (India)

Photos entered: 4 photos entered in Nature section

Acceptance: 3 acceptances (75% acceptance rate)

Comments: The last international salon for September 2015. Once again, four “old” images entered to try and get the third acceptance for each image. This time I was more successful with three images received their third acceptance. Elephant baby framed was one the image to receive its third acceptance during its fourth entry (only one salon entry without an acceptance).

Elephant baby framed

Elephant baby framed

Mashatu Nature reserve, Botswana



B. National Salons


  1. 4th Tygerberg salon 2015 (South Africa)

Photos entered: 4 photos each entered in the Nature, Macro, Scapes, Open colour & Open monochrome sections= 24 entries

Acceptance: 1 medal, 2 COMs & 8 acceptances (46%)

Comments: Now we are into the live judging system in South Africa. With my focus on the Nature sections in international and national salons, I am very satisfied with 1 medal and two other acceptances in the Nature section. Leopard smacked was the image receiving a medal in the Nature section. It was a difficult image to process because of the low light condition and high ISO (6400) used in order to get a decent shutter speed to freeze the action. Any dark subject/background with a high ISO is a killer combination but I had to give it a try.

Leopard smacked W

Leopard smacked

Londolozi nature reserve, South Africa




  1. 3rd Swartland Photography Club salon 2015 (South Africa)

Photos entered: 4 photos each entered in the Nature, Visual art, Scapes, Portrait, Open monochrome, and Open colour and = 24 entries

Acceptance: 1 medal, 1 COM & 7 acceptances (38%)

Comments: Here is the first surprise and interesting outcome of what I believe is the result of live judging in South Africa. I only 1 acceptance in the Nature section and a totally unexpected medal in the Open colour section. I had already identified three entries for the Open section and I was struggling to identify a decent fourth entry. Eventually I just decided to enter Eye through bar as a fourth image. Surprise, surprise! You’ll be the judge on this one.

Eye through the bards 1400 300k 72d sRGB W

Eye through bar

Stud farm, Bloemfontein, South Africa



Message to take home:

While preparing images for salons, I am sure we all are thinking what kind of images to enter. Well, I am trying to use images that do tell a story. Sometimes I am also trying something different. In order to capture something different, the photographer must remember that there are many circumstances that seem to be too peculiar to be a coincidence. These are the moments that we as photographer must identify (even try and anticipate it beforehand) because of its potential of being moments of pure brilliance. Especially in wildlife photography – think about your sighting and do not just start shooting. Be prepared for such opportunities; don’t chase after them. Capture something that the human eye cannot usually see. I read this in an article: “There is a whole world of events that are unfolding in front of us at each moment. Your awareness of them is subject to your willingness to be aware of them, not the existence of them.”


Until next month, keep on shooting

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