Outcome of my photography salon (competition) entries – Month of August 2015

While I am updating my admin regarding my salon entries and outcomes, why not just continue to post the outcome of my salon entries for the month of August 2015. As from this month, the format and judging of the national salons in South Africa has changed. Previously camera clubs were allowed to use a remote judging method meaning three judges were sitting in their homes anywhere in South Africa and judged the images on their computer. As from July 2015, remote judging is no longer allowed – the judges must be in the same room while judging to ensure consistency and allow for discussion amongst the judges (which was not possible with remote judging). Very interesting national results coming up – some results even unheard of. But lets continue with the results of my national and international salon results for the month of August 2015. The details of the salons are as follows:


Total number of salons entered:

8 (6 international salons & 2 national salons).

Overall outcome:

International: 21 acceptances from 36 photos entered = 66% acceptance rate (increased from 51% last month)

National: 20 acceptances from 44 photos entered = 46% acceptance rate

Medals: 0

COMs: 6


Now for the individual salons:


A. International salons


  1. Insight 2015 (India)


Photos entered: 4 photos each entered in the Nature section

Acceptance: 1 acceptances (25% acceptance rate)


Comments: Not a good salon result for me to start of with. Nevertheless, Family of Five was the only image to have received an acceptance.

Family of five 1024 300k 72d sRGB YW

Family of Five

Tswalu nature reserve, South Africa



  1. PSA international Exhibition 2015 (USA)


Photos entered: 4 photos each entered in Nature and Wildlife sections = 8 entries

Acceptance: 2 acceptance (25% acceptance rate)

Comments: Yet another poor start to the month of August. However I did struggle to get acceptances for Pygmy goose in flight in other salons. The image finally received an acceptance in this salon – achieved the required 3 acceptances for the PSA Galaxy star rating. So I can put the image away.

Pygmy goose take off 2

Pygmy goose in flight

Chobe nature reserve near Kasane, Botswana



  1. Vision Zero salon 2015 (India)


Photos entered: 4 photos entered in Nature section

Acceptance: 3 acceptances (75%)


Much better outcome and it was the first time I’ve entered Leopard tail in salon. And it received its first acceptance. I did struggle with the post-processing especially the tail. Thanks Byron Serrao for the photography safari in Londolozi – highly recommended!

 Leopard tail W

Leopard tail

Londolozi nature reserve, South Africa



  1. 1st COMS Salon 2015 (India)


Photos entered: 4 photos each entered in the Nature section

Acceptance: 3 acceptances (75% acceptance rate)


Comments: A lot of photography salon coming out of India lately. Meyers parrots interaction was yet another image needed just one more acceptance for my PSA Galaxy star rating. And I did receive the acceptance in this salon.

Meyer Parrot interaction

Meyers parrots interaction

Mashatu nature reserve, Botswana




  1. Northern Counties salon 2015 (UK)


Photos entered: 4 photos entered in Nature section

Acceptance: 2 acceptances (50% acceptance rate)


Comments: I was very happy to see an acceptance award for Cheetah drinking water. That means this mage also received its third acceptance and can now be used for the PSA Galaxy star rating.

Cheetah drinking water 1

Cheetah drinking water

Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park, South Africa



6 .     8th Narava salon 2015 (Slovenia)


Photos entered: 4 photos each entered in Nature, Wildlife and Open sections = 12 entries

Acceptance: 1 COMs & 9 acceptances (83% acceptance rate)


Comments: Interesting to that I’ve received acceptances for all four images submitted in the Open section. This is a totally different outcome than last month when I did not receive any acceptances in an open section of another salon. Fire fighters was one of these images to receive an acceptance.

Fire fighters 1 1024 300k 72d sRGB L frame W

Fire fighters

Bloemfontein Fire brigade, South Africa



B. National Salons


  1. 2nd Westville Camera club salon 2015 (South Africa)



Photos entered: 4 photos each entered in the Birds, Human portrait Landscapes, Open colour & PJ section s= 20 entries


Acceptance: 2 COMs & 9 acceptances (55%)


Comments: One of the first national salon outcome using live judging meaning all three judges were in one room during the judging process. No real surprise and a very acceptable outcome. 55% acceptance rate is great for me. Road under tree was one of the images receiving a COM award in the Open section. Image was taken with Hougaard Malan on a photography safari to Magoebaskloof last year.

Road under tree 1024 300k 72d sRGB W

Road under tree

Magoebaskloof, South Africa




  1. Bloemfontein Camera Club salon 2015 (South Africa)


Photos entered: 4 photos each entered in the Wildlife, Sport Scape, Macro, Transport monochrome, and Open colour and = 24 entries


Acceptance: 3 COM & 6 acceptances (38%)


Comments: Two of my landscape images received COM awards one being Church in pink. Not the usual image of the small church near Elliot and just off the Barkly pass in the Eastern Cape but I’ve tried something different using a Big stopper filter to capture the movements of the clouds. Interesting outcome.

Church in pink

Church in pink

Near Barkly pass, Eastern Cape, South Africa


Message to take home:


Looking at the recent salon results, I was thinking critically about my approach to salons or even to photography. Am I doing something wrong with my photography? Personally I do not think so – it is all about personal style. Do what I like to do and enjoying it – not just capturing images for salon purposes. Unfortunately the salon results do not come with comments from the judges. For such comments one needs to join and attend a local camera club meeting. However, one needs to constantly look critical at one’s images. It is necessary to provide oneself with a thoughtful self-critique from time to time. Such an approach can assist one to identify important and sometimes unnoticed faults in your photography such correct exposure, depth of field or optimal composition. So, don’t be afraid for some criticism from oneself.


Until next month, keep on shooting


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