Bloemfontein Camera Club meeting: Outcome of my images submitted – July 2015

It is almost time for our next camera club meeting (first Tuesday of August 2015) and I haven’t post the outcome of my images submitted for our July 2015 camera club evening. This time around my wife was requested to be one of the three judges for the evening – so she was not allowed to score/judge my images. Interesting conflict of interest,. So, just like last month, it was up to the other two judges to do their thing.

Right, so lets see what the two other judges thought of my images – the results of my images submitted to Bloemfontein Camera Club for the month of July 2015:


  1. Nature category


Just a reminder – no manipulation using computer software is allowed in this category – so what you see was what I’ve captured.



Fear 1080 300k 72d sRGB D W

Fear 1 – scored 12/15 (Gold award)

The image was taken at in the Serengeti , Kenya

Once again, I decided to re-visit some of my “older” images with a new Photoshop development workflow approach. So I submitted this image just to see how it will be presented via the data projector. Much better that the previous version but the image projected a bit bright. So I decreased the exposure a bit. Very unique experience for me while capturing this shot. Our camp was next to the river with a major crossing point about 30o meters away. So, as the crossing started, we walked down to the river. I laid flat on my stomach on the rocks next to the river using a 6oo mm lens to capture the fear in the wildebeest eye as it crosses the river,




Lion mating 4 1024 300k 72d sRGB Red W

Lions mating 4 – score 12/15 (Gold award)

Image taken in Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park, South Africa

Once again – and “old” image of mine with my newly adapted Photoshop workflow. The original image had a yellow cast – so I removed the cast. Hopefully the image will get a few more salon acceptances.




Cameleon moon

Chameleon moon – score 10/15 (Silver award)

Image taken in Mashatu nature reserve, Botswana

A new image captured recently during a photography safari with Albie Venter in Mashatu nature reserve – one of my favourite photography safari destination. The image was captured by making use of the in-camera multiple exposure function. Therefore, no Photoshop manipulation was used. Very interesting outcome but it is not easy getting every right while shooting in the dark at night. Once again – an emotional image for me because of the degree of difficulty to capture such a shot. Not sure if the judges realised it but like I said before – some judges do not look/see/evaluate the degree of difficulty in capturing an image. So, I am not disappointed with the outcome – I’ve already received a salon acceptance with the image. So the image cannot be that “bad”.



B. Set subject – “Digital Art”

The Photo must display the artistic side of photography. This must be done in camera e.g. Zoom Effects , Multiple light trails , movement with the camera, Star Trails. No manipulation is allowed


Red dot

Red dot – score 12/15 (Gold award)

Image taken during a photography trip in Bloemfontein with Prof Hennie Cronje

Not a personal favourite image of mine. I was very surprise with the score.





Tree abstract 2

Tree abstract – score 10/15 (Silver award)

Image taken during in 2013 on our way to the Kruger National Park, South Africa

Another multiple exposure type of image (10 images in compiled into 1 image in camera) while moving the camera after each shot. I do like this image more that my previous one but the judges did not. Well, this is what digital art is all about.




Message to take home


Looking at my first three images submitted in the Nature category, I couldn’t stop thinking about this message applicable to Nature and Wildlife photography:


“ Be ready – don’t wait until the action starts to mess around with your camera settings.”


Therefore, when on safari, I try to change my camera setting to an acceptable default setting after each sighting/shoot. My current default setting on my camera with my 600mm lens attached is Aperture mode, f8, ISO 1000, exposure compensation = -0.7 (2 stops), WB – sunny. For my 70-20mm lens my default settings are Aperture mode, f4, ISO 800 exposure compensation = -0.7 (2 stops) WB – sunny.


Until next month camera club meeting – keep on shooting

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