Photographic Society of America (PSA) 5 star rating – March 2015

Just received the confirmation document that I do have have now an official 5 star rating with the Photographic Society of America (PSA). This star rating was achieved in the Nature division – therefore, only images entered in Nature division of international salons/exhibitions (only PSA recognised salons) were used in the application. This is the first step to achieve recognition in the PSA’s Recognition of Photographic Achievement (ROPA) system.

An explanation of the exhibition and star rating system of the PSA on their website:

“Exhibitors in PSA-recognized International Exhibitions enjoy receiving “acceptances.” Generally, an exhibitor will enter 4 projected images or prints in one section of a PSA-recognized photographic exhibition. A panel of judges may then select one or more of those entries for inclusion in the exhibition (public show). Each of those entries that are chosen for the exhibition is given the “acceptance” designation.Those images that are “accepted” for inclusion in an exhibition are eligible to be used by PSA members when applying for a PSA Star Rating” (


With this 5 star rating I can now apply for the PPSA award in the ROPA system. Just the following on the ROPA system form their website – the first two levels (the third level is 1500 acceptances – currently out of my reach):

“In order to qualify for any of the ROPA Distinctions the following proof of acceptances in PSA-recognized International Exhibitions is required:

  • PROFICIENCY (PPSA):  288 or more acceptances supported by Star Rating certificates from one or more PSA Divisions.
  • EXCELLENCE (EPSA): 700 or more acceptances supported by Star Rating certificates from one or more PSA Divisions”



Now I can apply for the next level of star rating – Galaxy star rating in the Nature division – and my aim is to achieve an EPSA award. Quote from the PSA guidelines for explanation purposes:

“The Nature Division Galaxy Award Program was initiated in 1991 as a method of providing successful star exhibitors with a form of recognition. Acceptances must be achieved in International Exhibitions sections recognized by the Nature Division.” Only 3 acceptances per image are allowed.


Here is the certificate:

PSA 5 star certificate






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    Baie geluk Willem. Ek is baie beindruk.

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