Outcome of my photography salon (competition) entries – Month of October 2014

I am sure this will be my second last post for 2014 regarding my salon results because I am trying to slow down on the salon entries. The reason being that I need to prepare the required documentation for my PSA star rating, EFIAP honours and EPSSA honours application. A lot of paper work! But lets rather concentrate on my salon outcomes for the month of October 2014. Not my best month – in fact, well below par with only 3 COM awards. Luckily no salon with a zero % acceptance rate. The details are as follows:


Total number of salons entered:

8 (3 national salons and 5 international salons).

Overall outcome:

International: 33 acceptances from 64 photos entered = 52% acceptance rate (decreased from the 54% last month)

National: 30 acceptances from 68 photos entered = 44% acceptance rate (decreased from the 45% last month)

Medals: 0

COMs: 3


Now for the individual salons:


A. International salons


  1. 9th French Digital Tour circuit 2014 (France)


This was a 4 salon circuit.

Photos entered: 4 photos entered in the Nature section = total of 16 entries

Acceptance: 9 acceptances (56% acceptance rate)

Comments: I’ve decided to give Baboon family a try in this international circuit. I was not sure how the judges would look at the image because there are no eyes. But I just like the mystery around the image – created by the backlight and the dark background. Luckily the judges of three salons liked the image – 3 acceptances.

Baboon family 1080 300k 72d sRGB frame W

Baboon family

Mashatu game reserve, Botswana



  1. Vukovar 1st Exhibition 2014 (Serbia)


Photos entered: 4 photos each entered in Nature, Wildlife, Birds, People, Sport and Open colour sections = 24 entires

Acceptance: 11 acceptance (46% acceptance rate)

Comments: I usually do not enter images in so many sections but sometimes the payment for salon entries are per 6 sections. Therefore, lets move away from my usual Nature photos and look at specific photo – Fire fighters. I’ve submitted this image to our local camera club a few months ago and it received only a silver award. Now it has received an acceptance in an international salon. Just to show you – do not rely solely on the outcome/opinions of your camera club.

Fire fighters 1 1024 300k 72d sRGB L frame W

Fire fighters

Bloemfontein, South Africa



  1. 2nd Indian Golden Digital Circuit 2014 (India)


This was a 3 salon circuit.


Photos entered: 4 photos in Nature section

Acceptance: 6 acceptances (50 %)

Comments: Sometimes one needs to highlight the negative aspects of salons. Not so sure the overseas’ judges appreciate some of our unique wildlife in South Africa. Evidence thereof is the fact that Drop of water did not receive an acceptance in any one of the three salons. Interesting, however, I will continue to use the image in our local national salons and see what the judges think of it. For me it is a very special moment – not sure how many images of such “action” is available.

 Drop of water 1920 300k 72d sRGB W

Drop of water

Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park, South Africa



  1. 4th Gia Dinh International Photo Contest 2014 (Vietnam)


Photos entered: 4 photos entered in the Nature section

Acceptance: 2 acceptances (50% acceptance rate)

Comments: Brother and sister was one of the two acceptances. Currently my meerkat images are doing fairly well on the salon circuits.

Brother and sister 1080b 300k 72d sRGB W

Brother and sister

Tswalu nature reserve, Northern Cape, South Africa




  1. Mississippi Valley Photography Salon 2014 (USA)


Photos entered: 4 photos each entered in Nature and Wildlife sections = 8 entries

Acceptance: 5 acceptances (63% acceptance rate)

Comments: Once again I’ve tried to test the judges with another backlight baboon photo and it worked. In its first salon entry, this image has not receive an acceptance. But like they say – never surrender – so I’ve given it another try.

Young baboon 1400 300k 72d sRGB W

Young baboon

Mashatu game reserve, Botswana



  1. National Salons


  1. 1st Midlens National Digital Salon 2014 (South Africa)


Photos entered: 4 photos each entered in the Birds, Nature, Sport, Open colour, Human portait monochrome and Macro sections = 24centries

Acceptance: 14 acceptances (58 %)

Comments: All four of my images submitted in the Nature section received acceptances. For the rest of the sections – not great results but still on par (anything above 30% is above average). Another surprise was Horse panning 3. I’ve entered this image in a few salons without success. Seems like judges do not like panning style photos or there is something wrong with my images.

Horse panning 3 1050 300k 72d sRGB W

Horse panning 3

Moolmanshoek, Eastern Free State, South Africa



  1. 2nd Bluff National Digital Salon 2014 (South Africa)


Photos entered: 4 photos each entered in the Nature, Emotions, Water (monochrome), Low key (monochrome), Street photography (monochrome) sections = 24 entries

Acceptance: 9 acceptances (38 %)

Comments: A very interesting salon with not the usual sections. What now was the only image in the Emotions sections that received an acceptance.

What now 1024 300k 72d sRGB. W

What now

Bloemfontein, South Africa



  1. 5th Tafelberg Digital Salon 2014 (South Africa)


Photos entered: 4 photos each entered in the Wildlife, Scapes panorama, Movement, Human portrait, and Open colour sections = 20 entries

Acceptance: 3 COMs and 7 acceptances (50 %)

Comments: Much better outcome for me with 3 COMs in the Nature section with Red Cheetah Alert being one of them. I think it was just the late afternoon light that did it for the image.

Red cheetah alert 1080b 300k 72d sRGB L W

Red Cheetah Alert

Tswalu nature reserve, Northern Cape, South Africa




Message to take home:


The last image of the cheetah let me think about this “short” piece of advise: Light as well as exposure is everything in photography. If your images are too bright or too dark, you lose a lot of the information and contrast that makes a good image worth viewing. It is important to try and capture your salon images during the golden hours of the day – just like this image of the cheetah of mine above.


Until next month, keep on shooting

  1. #1 by ziggibson on February 5, 2015 - 2:40 pm

    Absolutely love the picture of the 3 monkeys on the rock silhouetted against the sunset – hugely evocative on many levels – well done! (-: Zig

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