Bloemfontein Camera Club meeting: Outcome of my images submitted – August 2014

The beginning of a new month and the winter is almost over. Well, the scores of my images submitted for our monthly camera club reflected the current cold weather we do experience in this part of the world. Cold, windy, unpleasant and not appreciated! But do you see the worry in eyes? Never – because the outcome of camera club judging is not the alpha and omega of photography.

For the month of Aug 2014 I’ve decided to enter all three my images in the Nature division. Our set subject for the month was Blur and I’ve submitted two of the long exposure landscape photos to be judged in this category.

“Luckily” I was not able to attend the evening because we were in Mashatu nature reserve for a week. Here is the outcome of my five images submitted and just a reminder again – I do not take the scores and critique on my images personally. Enjoy the images and comments with me.


A.  Nature division


Elephant trunck with water 1920 300k 72d sRGB W

Elephant trunk in water – scored 12/15 (gold award).

A great start to evening with his image taken during our last trip earlier this year from Lou Coetzer’s specially designed photography boat. Elephants are one of the most difficult subjects in Nature for me to photograph. Why? I am not sure myself but sometimes I do find it rather difficult to get a “wow” image of an elephant. Luckily this one worked for me – I’ve really tried to do something different.




Giraffe kiss 1400 300k 72d sRGB R W

Giraffe kiss – scored 10/15 (silver award)

Image taken late last year at Graig Lockhart water hole in the Kgalagadi. I was very lucky that the two giraffes were standing so close to each other – both giraffes were in focus. The image already received one international salon acceptance in its only entry – too bad the judges of the camera club did not like. I would love to hear from them what was wrong in the image – wrong time of the day (light), amputation of the giraffes at their necks, busy background or what?




Spider web 1

Spider web – scored 10/15 (silver award)

Image taken during our predator photography safari in Mala Mala nature reserve. I’ve really struggled to get an image of the spider and the water droplets formed by the dew on the spider web in focus because there was a light breeze blowing. But at the end I do like the image – the image has already received 2 national and 3 international salon acceptances Surely the judges in five salons cannot be wrong. Well, remember – it is all about personal opinions.



  1. Set subject (“Blur”)


Hole in the wall 2

Slow wave 1 – score 10/15 (silver award)

Image taken during a landscape photography safari with Hougaard Malan at Hole in the Wall. Well, maybe the judges did not like the lines but this is not really a wow image. Satisfied with the result/score.




Waves at night 3 1050 300k 72d sRGB BW W

Wave at night 3 – score 11/15 (gold award)

Image also taken during a landscape photography safari with Hougaard Malan at Hole in the Wall. Image was taken with a Big Stopper filter and it just made it into the gold award category. Not too bad – satisfied with the score as it is not really a favourite of mine.



Message to take home

What about the critique and scores received from judges during such a camera evening? I do believe that having the technical aspects of one’s images critiqued by the right person (please note – the right person) can be to the benefit of the photographer. However, it is important that the person gives constructive critique in order for you as photographer to go out and improve. I also like people to comment secondly on the story telling elements of my images. If the comments of people are that they do not get the story or that they do feel confuse about the image – then I know I must go out and practice more.


How do you take the score and critique of the judges/people on your images? Definitely something to think about but do not get upset about it. It is not worth it.


Until next month – keep on shooting

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