Bloemfontein Camera Club: February 2014

The second month of the year and a good start for me re: the outcome of the judges’ decisions and scores on my images submitted.  Once again, there are excellent photographers/members in the 4 & 5 star group of the Bloemfontein Camera Club at this stage. Stunning photos were projected and the scores of the judges reflected the quality of the images. Unfortunately no photo received a COM award during the entire evening. Interesting and here is the link to all the Nature photos of the evening (all groups). You’ll be the judge.

Because I do have a lot of Nature and Wildlife images, I decided to submit all 3 of the allowed photos in the Nature category, and only 1 images in the set subject category which as “Flyer/brochure for the club”.

Here is the outcome – see if you agree with the judges (if not please feel free to leave a comment with your crit – I do not take scores and comments personally but rather try to learn from it):


A. Nature category:



Hyena take away 1

Hyena take away – scored 12/15 (gold award)

The image just made it into the gold award category (gold = 11-13/15). A negative point – if I may crit my own image – was that there was no sun to speak off (an overcast day in the Kruger National Park as usual) and a very small catch light in the eye. However, I like the story element behind the image.



Lion domination 1

Lion domination – scored 12/15 (gold award).

Another gold award and the image was selected as the winner in the 4 & 5 star group’s Nature category. Not sure I do agree with the judges because I think some of the other images in that category were much strong images than mine. But thank you judges!




Tree squirrel 1

Tree squirrel 1 – score 11/15 (gold award)

Just made it into the gold award arena (gold award= score of 11-13/15). Once again – crit from my side: Light, light and again light. Or even better – the lack of good golden light. But again, I like the story behind the image.



C. Set subject – Flyer/Brochure for the club:

I am not a creative person but I’ve tried my hand at designing a brochure for the club for promotional purposes. Not surprised that it scored a silver award.


BKK Brochure 2 768

BKK – score 9/15 (silver award)

To be expected – an average score for an average brochure but thank you for the silver award



Message to take home:

As you can see from the two images I submitted – light was a real issue. I think it was just the story telling element that saved the day for me. So my suggestion is to stop shooting randomly and start photographing with intent. Even though the light was terrible in Hyena take away and Tree squirrel 1, I saw the image in the back of my mind. So I’ve asked myself the question before start firing: “What do I want to convey? What story do I want to tell?” So I saw there was no real light and I decided to capture to action/mode of the moment. I hope I’ve succeed.


Until the next camera club meeting in March 2014 be creative and keep on shooting!!!


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