Outcome of my salon entries – Month of December 2013


And so we came to the end of my second year of entering photography salons. My first ever salon entry was in November 2011 and it was our own club’s national salon. This month was not really a great month for me when it comes to salon results although I only entered 5 salons. Touch wood – it was the second month in row in which I did not have a salon with a zero acceptance rate.

Total number of salons entered:

5 (0 national salon and 5 international salons).

Overall outcome:

International: 54 acceptances from 120 photos entered = 45% acceptance rate (increase from the 38% last month)


Medals: 0

COMs: 0


Now for the individual salons:

A. International salons:


1. Frame of India Art of Maverick Expression 2013 (India):

Photos entered: 4 photos in the Nature sections.

Acceptance: 2 acceptances (50% acceptance rate)

Comments: An interesting acceptance was Pygmy falcon with kill 4. Like I said before – I did not have much success with the range of my Pygmy Falcon and its kill images. Maybe the foreground and background of the images are too busy?

 Pygmy falcon with kill 4

Pygmy falcon with kill 4

Between Kampersboom en Monroe water hole, Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park.



2. 10th Photolovers Digital Circuit 2013 (India):

This was a circuit consisting of 3 salons in India

Photos entered: 4 photos each in the Nature, Wildlife and Open sections = 12 entries x 3 salons = 36 entries.

Acceptance: 16 acceptances (44% acceptance rate)

Comments: 8 acceptances were in the Nature and Wildlife sections while 8 acceptances were in the Open section. No one of my nature or wildlife images received acceptances in all 3 salons. However, it was one of my images submitted in the Open section that received that honour. Surfer 6 received acceptances in all three salons.


Surfer 6 cropped 1400 300k 72d sRGB W

Surfer 6

Mossel Bay, Western Cape coast, South Africa



3. 1st International salon of Photography: Kula – Grand Prix 2013” (Serbia):

Photos entered: 4 photos each in the Nature, Photo Journalism, Photo travel, Open and Monochrome sections = 20 entries.

Acceptance: 7 acceptances (35% acceptance rate)

Comments: A very interesting acceptance was Side ways colour. It was one of my first ever images taken in a studio and it was taken during our second practical session with Prof Gert Lamprecht. Previously I’ve used this low key image as a monochrome with great success in national and international salon. However, this was the first time I’ve entered it in a colour salon.


Side ways colour 1024 300k 72d W

Side ways colour

Studio in Bloemfontein, South Africa



4. 1st International salon of photography “Podgorica 2013” (Montenegro)

Photos entered: 4 photos each in the My Favoutire photo, Wildlife, Landscape, Man, Open colour and Open Monochrome sections = 24 entries.

Acceptance: 4 acceptances (17% acceptance rate)

Comments: It looks like the judges in Montenegro did not like my type of photos. But that is photography. At least 3 of my 4 entries in the Wildlife section received acceptances one being Lappet faced Vulture take off.


Lapped faced vulture take off 1 crop 2 1024 300k 72d sRGB W

Lappet faced Vulture take off

Bedinkt water hole, Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park



5. 1st Three countries grand circuit Ireland – Montenegro – Serbia (Ireland, Montenegro, Serbia)

This was a 3 salon circuit held in the mentioned 3 countries.

Photos entered: 4 photos each in the Open Nature, Wildlife and Birds sections = 12 x 3 = 36 entries.

Acceptance: 25 acceptances (69% acceptance rate)

Comments: Surprise, Surprise – one of my better international salon results! Maybe it is because all three sections was all about Nature and that is what I am concentrating on – my main focus when entering salon is nature-related photos. Five of my images were accepted in all three salons. Leopard scape is one of those images with full marks and it is a new image just developed recently. The image was captured during my recent trip to the Kruger National Park in Oct/Nov 2013 (trip report to be followed soon).

Leopard scape

Leopard scape

Kruger National Park, South Africa



Message to take home:

The last image of mine posted above makes me think back of our encounter with the leopard at Red Rocks in the Kruger National Park. He was very relaxed and gave us more than enough time to get some shots. So I had enough time to think about my shot when I saw him on the rocks. It was therefore possible to slow down and pause for a while I was shooting. I was able to think about my reasons for capturing this specific image. Therefore, I was doing it with more intention. By thinking about this image, and visualising the shot I wanted to get, I was immediately in a better position to create a good image. To conclude – I was thinking and looking for a specific image, so I was waiting for the leopard to get into position before I pulled the trigger. Rather than just shooting at random and hope for a great image. Just remember – use all your senses and try to capture that in your image. But it is not always possible in nature photography.


Until the next month’s results keep on shooting!!!


  1. #1 by michaelsingeltonhaworth on February 6, 2014 - 7:55 am

    Willem that Leopard image on red rocks is absolutely stunning – it is emotionally very capitivating!!

  2. #2 by whk139 on February 8, 2014 - 6:24 am

    Thanks Michael – keep your eye on the Getaway magazine of March 2014

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