Bloemfontein Camera Club: November 2013

Apart from our Trophy evening in November, we also have our monthly club meeting where the members can submit the usual 3 photos in the two categories (Nature & Pictorial) for judging as well as the 2 photos in the set subject category.

Once again, I’ve missed the club evening meeting in November because I was in the Kgalagadi with my sister and brother in law. But more about the trip later on. First the outcome of the club meeting – my 3 photos were submitted in the Nature category. I also decided to submit two images in the set subject division which as “Spring in the Free Sate”. Unfortunately we did not receive the regular scores per image via email – therefor I cannot remember the actual score – only the type of award.

Here is the outcome:


A. Nature category:



BB jackal the bite

BB jackal The bite – scored a silver award)

Taken next to Kji Kji water hole in Kgalagadi in Aug 2013. Unfortunately the judges do not give comments on the images of the 4 & 5 star members – so I am not sure why they did not like my image. But I am sure it was because I amputated one of the jackals. Still I like this image because the focus point is on the bite. And I’ve already received 3 international salon acceptances with this image. The club cannot always be right! Just remember – judging is all about personal opinions and preferences.



Oster catcher in flight 2 1024 300k 300d sRGB W

Oyster catcher in flight 2 – scored a silver award).

Taken between Klein Brak and Groot Brak River in the Southern Cape in Spet 2013 (trip report to be posted). Once again – not sure what the judges did not like about this image. ?Lack of detail in the feathers probably. One would never know. I’ll see how this image does in salons. It was very difficult to get proper shots of the Oystercatchers and I know the effort that went into this shot.  Maybe that is problem this image – this image is just an emotional image for me. One needs to be careful and evaluate the technical aspects of the image objectively.



Hornbill foraging 1

Hornbill foraging – score a gold award and was selected the winner for the Nature section (4 & 5 star) as well as the overall senior winner to be sent to PSSA for their monthly competition – unfortunately it did not happen)

Taken near the northern entrance to the 14ht borehole in the Kgalagadi in Sept 2013. Not an emotional photo and I also amputated the bird. However, seems like the judges did not mind at all this time around.



B. Set subject – Spring in the Free State:

I am not really a “flower” photographer but recently we had a photography course with Prof Hennie Cronje and I took this first image using some of his techniques.  The second image was one of my very first flower images taken during our very first practical session during Prof Gert Lamprecht’s beginners’ course.



Flower 1024 500k 72d sRGB

Flower – score a silver award



Blom van onder burn tool 768 500k 300d sRGB

Blom van onder – scored a silver award



Message to take home:

After looking at the scores of my first two images (silver wards), I thought about a message I posted earlier somewhere on my blog: So, just to repeat myself: Do not take the outcome/result of a salon or competition personally – just remember, all the judges are human beings each with his/her own personal style. Keep on trying to submit the photo but if you do not get an acceptance after entering that particular photo for the fourth of fifth time, then you know – this photo is not a salon type of photo. However, do not let the rejection influence your opinion about the photo. Remember, you are taking photos for yourself and not for anybody else. You can still enjoy looking that specific photo – maybe because of the memories.


Until next time – keep on shooting!!!

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