Bloemfontein Camera Club: December 2013

The first Tuesday evening of December 2013 and it was the last camera club meeting of the year. And another year being a member of the Bloemfontein Camera Club has passed. Still learning a lot attending these evenings. This time around I was back in Bloemfontein ready to attend to meeting. Unfortunately one of the three judges was not able to make it to the meeting and I was requested to be the third judge. Therefore, my images as well as my wife’s images were scored only by two judges because a judge is not allowed to score his/her images as well as those of his/her family. As usual – I’ve entered 3 photos in the Nature category. The set subject was “Emotion in pets” but I do not have any photos of our dogs. So I decided the club needs to loosen up a bit and I submitted a very interesting photo in the Set subject category (the image was not manipulated with Photoshop).

 It was a long evening with some exhibitons and presentations by camera equipment companies. So we decided the judges will not provide comments on any of the photos.

Here is the outcome – much better than my November 2013 outcome:


A. Nature category:

All three images just missed out on the elusive COM (must score 14-15/15) award. Nevertheless….


 Lapped faced vulture take off 1 crop 2 1024 300k 72d sRGB W

Lappet faced vulture taking off 1 – scored 13/15 (award)

Taken at Bedinkt water hole in Kgalagadi in November 2013 – trip report still to be posted.



 Almost 1 1024 300k 72d sRGB W

Almost 1 – scored 13/15 (gold award).

Taken at Cubitje Quap waterhole in the Kgalagadi in November 2013. By now the “world famous” jackal hunting doves and sandgrouse around the waterhole. It was very interesting to see how many photographers with “long” lenses are parked nowadays at Cubitje Quap waterhole – a very active waterhole 10km north of Nossob camp. Trip report to be posted soon.



 Honey badger drinking water 1

Honey badger drinking water 1 – score 13/15 (gold award) and it was selected the winner for the Nature section for the 4 & 5 star group

Another image taken at Cubitje Quap waterhole in the Kgalagadi this time during my Sept 2013 trip. This guy entertained us for almost 1 hour every day for 3 days at the waterhole.



B. Set subject – Emotions in pets:

Like I mentioned before – I do not have any images of my dogs, so I decided to enter this interesting image with an equal interesting name (photo not manipulated in Photoshop).



 Pet 1 768 500k 300d sRGB

Who wants to play – score 13/15 (gold award)

Not really serious with the entry but it was just for the fun of it!



Message to take home:

Thinking back at Cubitje Quap waterhole and my images above (or even for that matter – any other waterhole) patience is the key word. If I do arrive at a waterhole and nothing is going on, I’ll sit and wait for a few minutes while keeping a watchful eye on the surroundings. While waiting for something to happen, I do enjoy what Nature has to offer while waiting for the action. Something will happen and it will provide you with a possible photo opportunity. Even if it is just something small and insignificant but one will never know – it could be a salon winner. So be patient and be prepared.


Until next time – keep on shooting!!!

  1. #1 by Willem on December 24, 2013 - 6:18 am

    Nee Willem jy moet nou stadig met al daai goue medaljes en al die awards lol baie geluk jy is voorwaarlik n uitmuntende fotograaf
    Ps. Maar ek sien nog nerens fotos van jou KTP trip nie ek wonder wie wag nou die langste haha

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