Weg magazine: November 2013 Mense se lense competition – Naaswenner (runner-up)

This month I was fortunate enough to have a second image published in the Weg magazine – this time a runner-up in the “Mense se lense” competition of November 2013. The image was the little church next to the gravel road (the R393 to Moshesh’s Ford) – just a few kilometers pass the Baster voetpad turn off. It looks like if the building is currently being used as a school. This photo was taken early one morning just after sunrise with some clouds in the sky and just as the first ray of the sun starting to put its magic colours on the church. It looks like the little church should rather be in between the clouds – an appropriate place for it to be.

The image:

Church in the clouds 1 1920 300k 72d sRGB K WChurch in the Clouds

For more details – see my trip report on the Elliot/Rhodes/barkley East area.

Message to take home:

I came to realise that photography is all about patience. Not just in wildlife photography, but even in landscape photography. You need to wait and look patiently for the right light, you need to seek and wait patiently for the right subject, and definitely need to wait patiently for the right moment. And as I already discussed in an earlier post – you may also need to wait for the right background. As it was with this image. We visited the church the previous day and there were no clouds around. This image was taken on the Sunday morning as we were about to drive back home. Sometimes you even need to re-position yourself “patiently” to get the WOW image.

Until next time – keep on shooting!!!


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