Outcome of my salon entries – month of July 2013


To summarise: It was a busy month salon wise because I’ve entered a total of 11 salons during the month of June 2013 – 2 national salon and 9 international salons. I had some fortunate moments the past month or two but unfortunately it did not materialise in my salon outcomes. Up to now (3 year and 143 salon I only had 5 salons where I had a zero acceptance rate. In this month alone I had a zero acceptance rate in three salons. If a person tells you the standard is much lower in international salons and one gets acceptances much easier, that person does not know what he is talking about. International salons have a very high standard with many more participants than national salons.

Overall outcome: International : 16 acceptances from 64 photos entered = 25% acceptance rate with 4 COMs and National: 15/32 = 47% acceptance rate with 3 COMs as well. Not a great month for me in the international salon arena. Well, lets see what the salons in August can deliver.

Now for the individual salons:


A. International salons:

1. 41st PSNY International salon of photography (USA):

A first zero acceptance rate for the month of July – entered 4 photos each in the Scapes & Open colour sections. No acceptances – not even this image:


Rock and waves at night 1 1024 300k 72d sRGB halo WWaves over rocks at night

Hole in the Wall



2. World around us 2013 (Serbia):

Entered 16 photos – 4 each in the Nature, Sport, Monochrome & Open colour sections. Once again, not very successful with only 4 acceptances (25% acceptance rate). Very disappointing to see only one of my Nature photos received an acceptance because my main aim is Nature photography.


3 Martial eagle nesting material  2 WMartial eagle nesting material 2

Kgalagadi Trans. Park



3. 12th International Virtual Image Exhibition Buenos Aires 2013 (Argentina):

I’ve entered this salon last year with no success – zero acceptance rate. This year I’ve entered 4 photos in the Nature section.  This time around – only one acceptance (25%).


2 Hippo playtime 4 WHippo playtime 4.

Chobe River, Botswana



4. 1st ECPA International Salon 2013 (India)

Entered 4 photos each in the Nature section and Photo travel section. Received 4 acceptances (50% acceptance rate) – only one nature image received an acceptance.  Muddy take off  is an image I captured in Sept 2011 and I decided to re-visit and re-develop it. Well, achieved some success with it.


Muddy take off 1 768 500k 72d sRGB WMuddy take off

Kgalagadi Transfrontier park



5. 3rd Taichung International Exhibition of Photography 2013 (Taiwan)

Entered 4 photos in the Nature and Landscape sections.  Three acceptances (38% acceptance rate) with two being in the Nature section.


This is mine 1024 300k 72d sRGB K W

This is mine

Giant Castle, Drakensberg, South Africa



6. PSA International Exhibition 2013 (USA)

Entered 4 photos each in the Nature and Wildlife sections. My second zero acceptance rate salon this month. Not even Jacana dad with chick legs made it – maybe the judges were very critical about the background of the images.


Jacana dad with chick legs 1 1050 300k 72d sRGB K WJacana dad with chick legs

Taken on Lou Coetzer’s specially designed photography boat on the Chobe River. Botswana



7. 2nd South Devon Salon 2013 (USA)

Entered 4 photos in the Nature section of the salon. Received 2 acceptances (50% acceptance rate) of which one was Lapwing with butterfly 3.


Lapwing with butterfly 3 1400 300k 72d sRGB noise K WLapwing with butterfly 3

Taken on Lou Coetzer’s specially designed photography boat on the Chobe River. Botswana



8. Welsh International Salon 2013 (UK)

Entered 4 photos in the Nature section. Received 2 acceptances (50%).


Young jackal walkingYoung jackal walking

Kgalagadi Transfron. Park


9. Perspective One Salon 2013 (India)

Entered 4 photos in the Nature section and this was my third failure for this month with a zero acceptance rate. Maybe not enough action in Jackals drinking together.


Jackals drinking water together 1024 500k 300d sRGB WJackal drinking together

Kgalagadi Transfron. Park


B. National Salons

1. 1st PPS Monochrome Digital Salon 2013 (South Africa):

As mentioned earlier, I am not really a monochrome fan but this time I’ve tried to support some of our local clubs. Thus, 12 images entered into 3 sections. Received 5 acceptance (42% acceptance rate). Drifters sunrise sunburst is a new image I’ve developed and changed into a monochrome image (and it was accepted).


Drifters sunrise starburst 1024 300k 72d sRGB D&B B&W WDrifters sunrise sunburst

Excelsior farm, Namib Rand, Namibia


2.  Bloemfontein National Salon 2013 (South Africa):

My own club’s salon and I was the judge in the Scapes section (therefore I was not allowed to enter an images in the Scapes section). So I’ve entered 20 photos in 5 sections. Received 5 acceptances and 3 COMs and 7 additional acceptance (50% acceptance rate). One of the COMs was Duiker drinking water.


Duiker drinking waterDuiker drinking water

Mokala National Park, Northern Cape, South Africa.



Message to take home:

Trying not to think of the three salons in which I received a zero acceptance rating this month, I cannot ignore this message I read somewhere on the Net: “Never give up practicing or even better – never give up trying. You’ll never know when success will enter your world of photography”.


Until next month’s salon outcome, keep on practicing and keep on shooting!!!

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