Outcome of my salon entries – month of June 2013

Well, other month has passed and it is time to post my regular monthly post on the outcomes of the national and international salons I’ve entered during the month of June 2013.


To summarise: I’ve entered a total of 10 salons during the month of June 2013 – 2 national salon and 8 international salons. Touch wood – luck is still on my side as I received at least one acceptances in all 10 salons. The worst result was an acceptance rate of 17% (2 acceptances from 12 photos entered). The best result this time around was a 100% acceptance rate achieved in two international salons.

Overall outcome: International : 29 acceptances from 68 photos entered = 43% acceptance rate with 4 COMs and National: 16/36 = 42% acceptance rate with 4 COMs as well.


Now for the individual salons:


A. International salons:

1. 1st International salon of photography “Emerald 2013” (Ireland):

A first for me – entering a salon in Ireland. I’ve entered 4 photos each in the Nature & Open colour sections. All four Nature photos were accepted but none of the Open section photos were accepted giving me 50% acceptance rate.  Jacana dad with chick legs 1 received its first acceptance in its second salon entry. I was not very positive about this photo because it has a busy foreground as well as a background. But such is Nature photography and nevertheless…..


Jacana dad with chick legs 1 1050 300k 72d sRGB K WJacana dad with chick legs 1

Taken on Lou Coetzer’s specially designed photography boat on the Chobe River


2. FKNS – Grand Prix 2013 (Serbia):

I’ve entered this salon last year as well with mixed success – 35% acceptance rate. This year I’ve entered 4 photos each in the Nature, Photo travel, Photo journalism, Sport & Open colour sections – a total of 24 photos. Once again, not very successful with only 5 acceptances (21% acceptance rate). Very disappointing to see none of my Nature photos received an acceptance because my main aim is Nature photography. Some consolation to see Hurdles 195 received a COM award in the Sport section.


Hekkies 195 768 300k 72d sRGB WHurdles 195

Taken during an athletics event earlier in 2013


3. 7th Croation International Digital Photo Salon 2013 (Croatia):

Once again, I’ve entered this salon last year as well with 3 out of 4 acceptances. This year I’ve entered 4 photos in the Water section. Two acceptances (50% acceptance rate) and 1 was a COM namely Waves over rocks 1. 


Waves over rocks 1Waves over rocks 1.

Taken earlier this year at Hole in the Wall, Eastern Cape with Hougaard Malan.


4. Hoylake International Photographic Exhibition 2013 (United Kingdom)

Last year I only received 1 acceptance in the form of a medal. This year I’ve entered I’ve entered 4 photos in the Nature section – the same as last year. 100% acceptance rate while a very unlikely photo (Jackal eating eland) received a COM. My wife and I thought the photo might be to gory for salon purposes. Well, you never know.

Jackal eating eland 1024 500k 300d sRGB WJackal eating eland

Taken late last year in the Kgalagadi Transfrontier park after the migration of the elands to the south of the park


5. 64th Midland Salon of International Photography 2013 (United Kingdom)

Entered 4 photos in the Nature section.  Not a great outcome for me – only 1 acceptance (25% acceptance rate) namely Malachite kingfisher with fish:

Malachite kingfisher with fish 1024 500k 72d sRGB WMalachite kingfisher with fish

Taken on Lou Coetzer’s specially designed photography boat on the Chobe River in Aug 2012


6. Le Catalan 2nd edition 2013 (France)

Entered 4 photos each in the Nature, Open colour and Open monochrome sections. Received only 2 acceptances (the lowest acceptance rate for the month at 17%)  and both were in the Nature section. Lou was not very impressed with my Jacana with eggs 1 photo but currently it is not doing too badly in salons. It received an acceptance in this salon.

Jacana with eggs 1 1080 800k 300d sRGB noise 2 WJacana with eggs 1

Taken on Lou Coetzer’s specially designed photography boat on the Chobe River in Aug 2012



7. 4th PSAChina International Exhibition of Photography 2013 (China)

Entered 4 photos in the Nature section of the salon. Received 3 acceptances (75% acceptance rate) of which one was a COM for Young jackal walking.


Young jackal walkingYoung jackal walking

Taken in the Kgalagadi in December 2012 – one of a series of photos taken of two young jackals walking directly toward us in our vehicle.



8. 48th Southern California Council of Camera Clubs (S4C) International Exhibition of Photography 2013 (USA)

This salon had two Nature sections – General and Wildlife and I’ve entered 4 photos in each of the sections. Another success story with a 100% acceptance rate in the salon. This is mine scored the highest of my 8 images (25/27 points) and it is one of my favourite images from the vulture hide in Giants Castle, Drakensberg.


This is mine 1024 300k 72d sRGB K WThis is mine

Taken from the vulture hide near Giants Castle in the Drakensberg during our first visit to the hide in 2011


B. National Salons

1. 1st Lowveld National Salon for projected images 2013 (South Africa):

As mentioned earlier, I do try and enter all the sections in National Salons to support our clubs in South Africa. Thus, 24 images entered into 6 sections. Received 7 acceptance and 3 COM (giving me a 42% acceptance rate). Another interesting COM award was Lapwing with butterfly 3.


Lapwing with butterfly 3 1400 300k 72d sRGB noise K WLapwing with butterfly 3.

Taken on Lou Coetzer’s specially designed photography boat on the Chobe River in March 2013


2.  1st National Garden route Salon 2013 (South Africa):

A national salon with only 3 sections – so I’ve entered 12 photos. Received 5 acceptances and 1 COM award. The COM award was for Road to heaven in the Open section.


Road to Heaven 1024 300k 72d sRGB DB K WRoad to heaven

Taken during our photography safari with Hougaard Malan and C4 Images and Safaris on the farm Excelsior in NamibRand reserve in Namibia.


Message to take home:

No matter who you are, it is said that the best benchmark for improvement is yourself. Especially if you do look back into the past like I did the past two-three years. Frequently I do visit my “older” folders containing my photos and compare it with the “newer”images of mine. I do notice that my composition and my choice of settings continue to change over time and the quality of my images are improving. I do make some interesting choices when it comes to focal points and I get better at picking the right exposure in camera to prevent clipping the highlights for example. And this is a very important point to remember when it comes to benchmark – whatever you do, don’t compare your own work to another photographer’s work. Rather develop and refine/fine-tune your own style of photography. Comparing yourself with other photographers is not a fair benchmark because photography is an art and very individualised. You won’t be helping yourself appreciate your work when you benchmark your work against another photographer.


Until next month’s salon outcome, keep on comparing your own photos with each other in order to keep improving but remember to keep on shooting!!!


  1. #1 by michaelsingeltonhaworth on July 31, 2013 - 6:54 pm

    Willem I am really impressed with your tenacity – it is a wonderful way to see what works in these competitions. I thought the male Jacana with chicks under the wing was excellent and a very unusual shot. I am learning from your efforts – thanks for sharing.

  2. #2 by bessie on August 1, 2013 - 5:32 pm

    willem.i think your images are beautiful

  3. #3 by whk139 on August 8, 2013 - 5:51 am

    Thanks Michael, for the kind words and hopefully lots more to come

    Thanks Bessie and enjoy the trip with Hougaard

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