Be Inspired By: NOT the big 5 – Black wildebeest

WildEye, in their weekly Be inspired By series, selected my Black wildebeest as one their 5 most inspirational images for Be Inspired By: NOT the Big 5.  For those who are interested to view the 5 most inspiring images:


And here is the photo taken in Mokala National Park at my favourite water hole (“Willem se gat” as it is known amongst our group of photographers here in Bloemfontein) on the Matopi loop just past the picnic spot:


Black wildebeest 768 300k 72d sRGBBlack wildebeest

It is not very often that one can see the eye of the black wildebeest because of its horns.


Message to take home:

As you can see, I’ve shot this image with only the head and neck of the wildebeest in the frame. For some photographers it would be a total no-no – especially in photography/camera clubs. But I liked it – the wildebeest almost coming into the photo to drink water. So, there are rules in photography but I think the first rule that we must accept is that there is no right way to take a picture. And only then can you consider the other rules.

Until next time, only keep the rules in the back of your mind and not in the view finder while keep on shooting!!!




  1. #1 by bessie on July 18, 2013 - 7:58 pm

    Well said Willem. Lovely image.

  2. #2 by michaelsingeltonhaworth on July 19, 2013 - 4:13 am

    Willem, I could not agree more – the big5 focus really narrows a wildlife photographer’s opportunity set- a great head shot of a black Wildebeeste!

  3. #3 by whk139 on July 19, 2013 - 9:43 am

    Thanks, Bessie – now it is your turn to capture great images

    Well said, Michael. It is just another mind-set to look at nature from a different perspective. Initially I’ve struggled but nowadays it comes much easier. Looking at the smaller things in life, I mean. Looking forward to your next trip report.

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