Be Inspired By: Monochrome Photography

Every Friday WildEye put up a certain topic on their Blog & Facebook called: Inspired By:…… Over the weekend photographers are invited to post their images that best suite the topic on their Facebook. On Monday WildEye staff select the top 5 most inspirational images. I started to follow these themes and was impressed with the wide variety photos posted on each theme (on Facebook). Very interesting to see how and what inspire my fellow photographers. Not only that, it is also another learning experience for me – to see how other photographers interpret  nature and wildlife through their view finders and lenses.


Last Friday the topic was Monochrome Photography and even though it is not yet one of my favorite topics, I decided to submit a few of my images. What a pleasant surprise to see my Elephant trunk and water selected as one of the top 5 images. Thanks WildEye team and keep up the good work.

The link:



Elephant trunk 1024 500k 72d sRGB B&W WElephant trunk and water

Image taken from the underground hide in Mashatu nature reserve, Botswana


The more you practice, the luckier you get. Therefore, until next time – keep on shoot!!!


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