Outcome of my salon entries – month of May 2013

Late yesterday evening I received an email with the results of my last salon entered in the month of May 2013. So now I can provide you with the final outcomes of my international and national salon entries for the month of May 2013.

As a summary: I’ve entered a total of 8 salons during the month of June 2013 – 3 national salon and 5 international salons. Luck is still on my side as I received acceptances in all 8 salons. The worst result was an acceptance rate of 25% (4 acceptances from 16 photos entered). The best result was unfortunately not a 100% acceptance rate achieved last month but an acceptable 73% (14 out of 19 photos entered). Now for the individual salons:

A. International salons:

1. 2nd Sunrise Photography Association (SPA)  Digital salon 2013 (India):

Entered 4 photos each in the Nature, Open colour, Open Black and White, and Photo Journalism sections. This is the salon with the lowest acceptance rate for me this month – 25% of the 16 photos entered was accepted. Tackle without the ball received a COM award in the Photo Journalism section – one of the few COM awarded to photos in this salon.

Tackle without the ball 1 1024 500k 72d sRGB WTackle without the ball


2. 2nd Danube Exhibition 2013 (Serbia):

Entered 4 photos in the Nature and 4 photos in the Photo Travel sections.  Not a great outcome for me – 3 acceptances from the 8 photos entered (38% acceptance rate). Only one Nature acceptance – and not the image I expected to receive an acceptance but what the…. another acceptance in the bag – BB jackal back light was the only acceptance. The image was taken in the Kgalagadi late one afternoon with the light coming from behind the jackal. I’ve tried Albie Venter’s advice given to us during our trip with him and C4Images & Safaris to the Masai Mara and I came up with this image:

BB jackal backlight 1BB jackal back light


3. 2013 Nature Exhibition Massachusetts Camera Naturalists 2013 (USA):

Entered 4 photos in the Wildlife and 4 photos in the  Landscape sections.  A better outcome this time around – 5 acceptances from the 8 photos entered (63% acceptance rate). This time three Nature acceptances. Dune tracks to Choc Mountain entered in the Landscape section received its third acceptance after being entered into 9 other salons previously. I know – not my best ever landscape image but nevertheless…. Mission accomplished as I am aiming for 3 acceptances per image.

Dune tracks to Choc mountain 1024 500k 72d sRGBDune tracks to Choc Mountain


4. 3rd Grand Digital Circuit 2013 (India):

This circuit consisted of  4 salons and I’ve entered 4 photos each in the Wildlife and Photo Travel sections.  Received 20 acceptances from a possible 32 (63% acceptance rate). Seems like the judges liked the Waterbuck challenge – an image taken next to Stofdam from the bird hide (Mokala park). It received 3 acceptances in the four salons.

Waterbuck challenge 1280 500k 72d sRGB WWater buck challenge


5. 1st Swiss International Photo contest 2013 (Switzerland):

Another first for me – a salon entry in Switzerland. This salon is now my 31st country that I’ve entered successfully. Entered 4 photos each in the Nature, Open colour, Open Black and White, and Photo Travel sections. 6 acceptance giving me a 38% acceptance rate. Lioness and cubs drinking 2 is the second photo I’ve developed in the series of the lioness and her two cubs drinking water at Leeudril water hole in the Kgalagadi. And it received its first acceptance.

Lioness and cubs drinking 2 1024 500k 72d sRGB WLioness and cubs drinking 2


B. National Salons

1. 3rd West Rand Photographic Club Salon of Photography 2013 (South Africa):

As mentioned earlier, I do try and enter all the sections in National Salons to support our clubs in South Africa. Thus, 19 images entered into 5 sections. Received 12 acceptance and 2 COM (giving me a 73% acceptance rate) – Tree in Nossob River 3 in the Landscape section and Milky way in Dead Vlei 1 in the Night section.

Tree in Nossob River 3 1024 500k 72d sRGB WTree in Nossob River 3

Image taken in the Kgalagadi in December 2012 – we struggled to find animal sightings on that trip, so we decided to go for a few landscape photos instead.


2. 1st SAVAS Monochrome national digital salon 2013 (South Africa):

Currently I am working on my colour images and not concentrating on the monochrome salons. However, I had some time on my hands and decided to enter this monochrome salon just for the fun of it. Entered 4 photos in the 4 sections each and received 5 acceptances and 2 COM with an acceptance rate of 44%. Single tree country and Elephant trunk and water both received COMs and it is not the first COM for both of these images.

Single tree country 1024 500k 72d sRGB BW WSingle tree country

Image taken in the Masai Mara also during a quiet afternoon with almost no animal sighting.


3. 8th Beachcombers Digital Salon 2013 (South Africa):

And yet another first for me. Winning two sections in one salon. In this salon there were 6 sections and Martial eagle nesting material 2 won the Nature section and Aggressive 800m start won the Red section. Not a very successful salon when it comes to acceptances – only 4 other acceptances giving me an acceptance rate 30%.

Martial eagle nesting material  2 1024 500k 300d sRGB noiseMartial eagle nesting material 2

Image also won PSSA senior division for the month of May 2013 – posted elders on this blog.


Aggressive 800m start 768 500k 300d sRGBcAggressive 800m start


Another successful month of salon entries bring me closer to my aim – a EPPSA honours award (500 acceptances with minimum of 164 images). Currently I am having just over the 300 acceptances using just over 100 images (3 acceptances each).

Message to take home:

As you read through this post, you will realise that one can have some quiet times in the nature reserves/parks. Do not get impatient, upset or frustrated. Look around you for the smaller things in life, enjoy Mother Nature or even look for some interesting foreground for a landscape photo of two. Even if the photo is not well planned (ala Hougaard Malan style) and even if it must be taken from your vehicle. Give it a try – your image might be a success and receive a COM like mine did.

Until next month’s salon results, keep on shooting!!!

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