Outcome of my salon entries – month of April 2013

I’ve just visited the website of the only outstanding salon or the month of April and I saw that the results were posted on the website. Therefore I can continue to post the final results of my international and national salon entries for the month of April 2013.

To summarise: I’ve entered a total of 7 salons during the month of April – 1 national salon and 6 international salons. Yet again, I can regard myself lucky this month as I received acceptances in all 7 salons with an acceptance rate of only 1 acceptance in one salon and a 100% acceptance rate (4 out of 4 photos) in another salon. Now lets review the individual salons:

A. International salons:

1. Sydney Habour International Salon 2013 (Australia):

Entered 4 photos in the Nature and 3 photos received acceptances. A 75% acceptance rate. A first acceptance in its second salon for Mating lions 2. Taken between Houmoed and Monro in the Kgalagadi in February 2013. Spent about 3-4 hours with them and watch them doing it about 4 times. Only 4 cars around – it can only be in the Kgalagadi.

Mating lions 2 1400 500k 72d sRGBc W

Mating lions 2


2. 10th International Photographic Festival of La Gacilly 2013 (France):

Entered 4 photos in the Nature and another 75% acceptance rate = 3 photos received acceptances.  A first acceptance in its first salon entry for Curious young jackal 2. Taken between near Marie se gat in the Kgalagadi during December 2012.

Curious young jackal 2

Curious young jackal 2


3. Sumal – Art 2013 (Hungary):

Entered 4 photos in the Nature and only 1 photo received an acceptance.  A 25% acceptance rate if you can call it that. The only photo to receive an acceptance was Kalahari pillow – it was also its first salon entry.  Taken between near Gemsbokplein and Batulama waterhole in the Kgalagadi during our November 2012 trip the Kgalagadi after a very slow day – it was our last sighting of the day.

Kalahari cushion 1024 500k 300d sRGB W

Kalahari pillow


4. 17th Gran Tour Delle Colline 2013 (Italy):

This was a 4 salon circuit and I’ve entered 4 photos each in the Nature, Black and white as well as the Colour section = total of 12 photos. Received 12 acceptances from a possible 36 acceptances giving me an acceptable 33% acceptance rate. Jackal hunting face 1 received acceptances in all four salons. Very interesting outcome because I thought the composition of the photos is not really that great – everything happens so fast during the hunting of the doves that one cannot really plan the shot properly. Taken at Cubitje Quap in the Kgalagadi during our Feb 2013 trip.

Jackal hunting face 1 1024 1MB 72d sRGB W

Jackal hunting face 1


5. 1th Cheltenham International Salon of Photography 2013 (UK):

Entered 4 photos in the Nature and 3 photos received acceptances.  Another 75% acceptance rate. Lapwing with butterfly received its second acceptance in its second salon– the first salon being the 10th International Photographic Festival of La Gacilly 2013 in France (as discussed above). Taken this photo during an unusual sighting on the Chobe River, Botswana during our photographic safari with Lou Coetzer (CNP) in March 2013.

Lapwing with butterfly 1400 500k 72d sRGB noise W

Lapwing with butterfly


6. 38th Algarve Photo Salon 2013 (Portugal):

My first salon entry in Portugal – and a good one too. Entered 4 photos in the Nature and all 4 photos received acceptances.  A 100% acceptance rate. Malachite Kingfisher with fish 1 received 12 points and just missing out on a COM award.  Photo taken during our photographic safari with Henri (Lou’s son) Coetzer (CNP) on their specially designed boat on the Chobe River, Botswana  in August 2012.

Malachite kingfisher with fish 1024 500k 72d sRGB W

Malachite Kingfisher with fish 1


B. National salons:

1. 3rd VPS Landscape Salon of Photography (South Africa)

As mentioned before, I do try to enter photos in all the categories of national salons to support the clubs/salons in South Africa. This salon was all about landscapes with 6 categories and I’ve entered 4 photos in each category with a total of 24 photos entered. I received 5 COM and 9 other acceptances giving me an acceptance rate of 58%. Not too bad for a guy who has been on only one landscape safari just before this salon. Two of the COMs were Single tree in grass and Quiver tree on Plato taken during our landscape photographic safari in Namibia with C4 Images and Safaris and Hougaard Malan. Another COM was my Single tree country photo which did very well in colour previously, so I decided to change it into a Black and White photo for the Black and White Landscape category.

Single tree in grass field 1024 500k 72d sRGB W

Single tree in grass


Quiver tree on plato 1400 500k 72d sRGB W

Quiver tree on Plato


Single tree country 1024 500k 72d sRGB BW W

Single tree country


Yet another successful “salon month” for me. Looking forward to May 2013 with a lot of “new” to be entered in salons.

Message to take home:

Talking about landscape photography – recently I came across this piece of advice:

“One element that can set apart your landscape shots is to think carefully about the foreground of your shots and by placing points of interest in them. When you do this you give those viewing the shot a way into the image as well as creating a sense of depth in your shot”.

Think about this statement and do give it a try next time with your landscape shots. See if it makes a difference to your photos – remember the story element of your photo. Also remember – the foreground of your landscape photos could “make or break” your photo. One tends to forget the foreground because the background is usually the stunning part of the photo. Keep your eye on the foreground when shooting landscapes.

Until next month, keep on shooting!!!

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