Black and white challenge: WildPhotoMag – May/June 2013 edition

Just a reminder – WildPhotoMag is a free electronic/on-line photography magazine and a new edition is available every 2nd month. The magazine features some very interesting articles with excellent photos. Every edition has a different challenge and this month’s challenge was Black and White (Monochrome). I am not a regular when it comes to monochrome photos and it is not that simple by just changing a photo into a black and white photo. But I decided to participate in the challenge and Andre thought that Chocolate mountain was good enough to be included in the portfolio of black and white photos for this edition of the magazine.


Chocolate mountain

Chocolate mountain

Photo taken during our photographic workshop/safari with C4 Images & Safaris (Shem Chompion and Hougaard Malan were leading the workshop) on the farm Excelsior in the Namib Rand nature reserve in Namibia. We used the very last sunlight of the day to illuminate the tip of this very unique mountain. Luckily the clouds played along. See my trip report somewhere on this blog for more info.



The magazine – May/June 2013 edition:


Message to take home:


An important rule that is not widely recognised is the fact that photographers should accept is that there is no right way to take a photo. Therefore, challenge yourself to explore your environment and experiment with different opinions/angles and you might get lucky to find a photo that is truly unique.


Until the next photo challenge, keep on shooting!!!


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