Bloemfontein Camera Club: April 2013

And once again, it was that time of the month again – to be precise – the first Tuesday of the month. Time for the judges at the Bloemfontein Camera Club to have a ball with all the members’ photos. And for me and the wife – just to enjoy looking at the other members’ photos as they are presented on the screen via the data projector.


This month I’ve decided that a change is as good as a holiday – so I’ve entered two photos in the Nature division and one photo in the Pictorial section. The set subject was the night sky and I submitted two photos. Here are the photos and the scores:


Nature section for 4 & 5 star members:


Single tree in grass field 1024 500k 72d sRGB W

  Single tree in grass – scored 13/15 (Gold award, just missing out on a COM which is 14/15 or 15/15)

Taken during our Namibia trip with C4Images & Safaris and Hougaard Malan on the farm Excelsior in the NamibRand nature reserve – one of the biggest private reserves. What an experience!!!


Lioness and cubs drinking water 3 1024 500k 72d sRGB warm W

Lioness and cubs drinking water 3 -scored 12/15  (Gold award)

Taken on my last quick morning drive before leaving the Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park to drive back to Bloemfontein in February 2013 – trip report still to be posted and what a  trip it was!!!


Pictorial section for 4 & 5 star members:

And now the photo submitted in the Pictorial section.

Wait 22 1024 500k 72d sRGB W

  Wait 22 – scored 10/15 (Silver award – not a huge success but also not a train smash)

Taken earlier this year on Shimla park during a Varsity cup game – the action was there but the background was just a bit too busy. One needs to make sure you capture the action with a more clear background. But believe me, it is not that easy.

(Nikon D3S, 600mmf4 fixed lens, ISO200, f4, 1/4000, exposure comp = -0.7, WB = sun, Aperture mode)


Set subject section:

The two photos in the set subject section – both were taken during our Namibia trip with C4Images & Safaris and Hougaard Malan in March 2012:

 Drifters tree and star trails 768 500k 72d sRGB W

 Star trail and drifters tree – scored 12/15 (Gold award)

Taken on the farm Excelsior in the NamibRand nature reserve – my first ever try with night photography, light painting and the Milky way


Milky way in Dead Vlei 1 1024 500k 300d sRGB

  Milkyway in Dead Vlei – scored 12/15 (Gold award)
This time the photo was taken in Dead Vlei with the assistance of Shem and Hougaard


Message to take home:

All five photos were taken using a tripod, monopod or a window bracket – not one photo was taken handheld. Believe it or not, and I know many people just do not like tripods,  a tripod is unquestionably the most valuable piece of ancillary equipment you can have at your disposal. Start using a good quality tripod/support mechanism and you’ll see the difference in the quality of your photos. I was also a non-believer and just wanted to shoot handheld – it looks so cool. Until after my first few practical sessions of my photography course with Prof Gert  and after I processed a few handheld photos – they were useless and I had to through them into the dustbin. I do not think there are that many professional photographers shooting handheld photos – why should you? My advice is: Snap out of it and get use to your best friend the tripod.

Until next month’s club results – keep on shooting




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