Photo published in “Weg”, March 2013

I got a very nice surprise when “Weg” magazine decided to select one of my photos for the last photo competition in the current series (Mense en lenses). Coming for lunch was published in the March 2013 edition of the magazine and the photo is still one of my top 10 photos of all time. At this stage it is very difficult to choose the top 10 photos – after almost 3 years playing around with photography. But I need to make a decision soon because within the next few months I need to put a portfolio together for the PSSA (Photography Society of South Africa) as I want to apply for an honours award. For the first honours award, one needs to put 10 (for a LPPSA honours) or 15 (for a APPSA honnours) images together and submit it to a panel of experts and experienced photographers at PSSA. The other route is the diamond ratings – at this stage I do have a 4 star diamond honours (requirement: a total of 125 acceptances in national and international salons with a minimum of 42 images used) and I am also working towards a EPSSA honours (for which I need 500 salon acceptances with 167 images).

But more about the honours in the near future.

Here is the photo for those of you who do not follow my blog:

Coming for lunch

Coming for lunch – more details in the Chobe trip reports

Message to take home:

I’ve entered a few photo competitions up to now with limited success but I do keep telling myself: “It is all about personal opinions and every person in entitled to his/her own opinion”. So just keep entering competitions and may the luck be with you.

Until the next photo competition – keep on shooting!!!


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