Bloemfontein Camera Club: January 2013

O yes, it was that time of the month again! Time to submit 3-5 photos to the camera club and expose yourself to the opinions of the judges and your fellow photographers. What I called the reall world of photography. Tuesday it was and wow, what a group of excellent photographers are currently in the 4 and 5 star group. For those who are interesting, here are the web address:  Just click on the 4 & 5 star option, then click on the Nature option.


I decided , once again, to submit only 3 photos in the Nature division and no photos in the Set Subject category. Christmas candlelight is not really my favourite subject. For the first time, I was asked to one of the three judges for the evening and what an experience! Maybe that is all I must say about the experience.


Here are my three photos for the evening and every photo scored 12/15 – gold awards (luckily I was not allowed to score my own photos – we do have a system if you are a judge and you photo appears on the screen for judging. You are not allowed to give your or your family’s photo a score. So I also did not score my wife’s photos – just for those who are worried for the “after” discussion):


Fish eagle landing ground

Fish eagle landing ground b

Taken during our August 2012 trip to the Chobe River with Henri Coetzer on their boat safaris. See more details on this photo in my trip report elsewhere on this blog.


 Cheetah lipstick

Cheetah lipstick

Taken during our July 2012 trip to the Masathu elephant hide with Isak Pretorius. See more details on this photo in my trip report elsewhere on this blog.


 Hippo yawn 1

 Hippo yawn 1

Taken during our June 2012 trip to the Chobe River this time with Lou Coetzer on their boat safaris. See more details on this photo in my trip report elsewhere on this blog. Up to now I had fair amount of success with this photo and there is nothing really spectacular about the photo. Like the name said, just another yawn from a hippo. BUT I am sure it is because of the light factor as this photo was taken around 17H15 (late) in the afternoon while we were cruising back to the lodge.

Message to take home:

I was thinking of this last photo of mine (Hippo yawn) and I thought: “Never underestimate the “power” of light in photography.” You might think that you do have a lot of yawning hippos photos, why taking another photo of a yawning hippo? This time around the light just did it for me. You can take the very same photo around mid-day and the judges won’t even give it a silver rating – believe me, I am talking about the very same photo. Therefore, one needs to look for any interesting situation during that 1-2 hours in the mornings and afternoons called the golden hour(s) and go hard at it. It really makes such a difference – you won’t belief it! After the mentioned 2 hours, just relax and enjoy Mother Nature but keep on practising.

Until next month’s camera club meeting (when I’ll be with a friend in the Kgalagadi Transfron. Park for that week), keep on shooting!!!





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