Bloemfontein Camera Club: December 2012

Well, at the end of 2012 one tends to look back and I’ve realised it is now 18 months since I’ve joined the Bloemfontein Camera Club and entered my first photos in April 2011. Wow, what a journey and learning experience. Right, on Tuesday it was, once again, club evening and what an event! The standard of the photos in the Nature categories (especially in die 4 & 5 star division) was very high and 4 COMs was awarded. I submitted 3 photos in the Nature category of the 4 & 5 star division and all three photos received gold awards (12/12). Here are the photos:

How about a kiss

How about a kiss?

See the Giant Castle (2012) trip report for details


Lioness with flies

Lioness with flies

See the Masaai Mara (2012) trip report for details


Southern bald ibis taking off

Southern bald Ibis taking off

See the Golden Gate (2012) trip report for details


What a surprise in the set subject category – I am not really into this category and definitely not when it comes to “Altered reality”. However, true to my nature, I just decided to give it a go by submitting a photo of two (just to support the club).  I decided to use two of the photos we had to develop for Prof Gert Lamprecht’s course and surprise, surprise – one photo scored a 14/15 and the judges awarded the photo the winning status.

01-Willem-Sun behind cactus

Sunset of a different kind

See a previous post on photography courses for details


Flame of hope received a score of 9/15 – silver award. Not too bad for somebody who’s interest lies with nature photography.

02-Willem-Flame of hope

Flame of hope

See a previous post on photography courses for details


Message to take home:

Just to repeat myself: Never give up trying – one never knows when luck will turn your way. Look what happened to me in the set subject category.

Until next month’s club evening (January 2013), keep on shooting!!!


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