Bloemfontein Camera Club: November 2012

Last Tuesday was the first Tuesday of the month of November and it was time for another monthly camera club meeting despite having the annual trophy evening on Friday evening (November 02, 2012 – see my previous post). The October club meeting is usually dedicated to AVs – therefore no photo submission or judging during the month of October.

This month was another first for me – a score of 15/15 for my Grey headed Gull with fish and it was also selected as the winning image for the 4 & 5 star Nature category.

Here are the images – I submitted 3 photos in the Nature category:

First up was “Fear 1” and it received a gold award (12/15). It was taken during our Maasai Mara trip (trip report in the making – just be patient) and it was an awesome trip. Not very often one gets such low angle shots on the wildebeest crossing in the Maasai Mara. More to come in my trip report.


Next up was “Brother love” also taken during our Maasai Mara trip. For those who followed Big Cat Diaries on TV – those two are part of the Mash pride of lions. When the image appeared on the big screen, I realised this is not really a camera club image and the result was a silver award (9/15). But I just love the photo and I’ve already submitted it to a few salons.


And then the success of the evening – “Grey headed Gull dropping fish” taken during a trip on Lou’s boat on the Chobe River. A COM award with 15/15 score. This image is also doing great in salons – I’ve entered it in two national salons (both COM awards) and one international salon (acceptances). (Un)fortunately I am working toward a diamond rating (PSSA) and I am only allowed three acceptances per photo. So I have to place this photo back on the shelve for the time being.


Well, I was brave this month and I’ve entered two photos in the set subject category – I do not usually enter photos in the set subject category (maybe I’ll change my mind this year). The subject was “Country road” and these are my to photos:

Sneeu in the Cederberge – taken during a trip to the Cederberg in Aug 2011 when I accompanied my wife and the rest of Prof Gert Lamprecht’s photography students. It received a silver award (9/15).


The second photo – also taken during the same trip to the Cederberge near Clanwilliam – only two days later. This image received a gold award (12/15).


Message to take home:

Not every photo you’ll take is the type of photo one can submit to a camera club or salon competition. However, it should not stop you from taking such photos and showing them to your family and/or friends. Like Prof Hennie told us: “If you like the photo, it is a success.” The photo does not need to win a price to be a success.

Until the next monthly camera club meting in December 2012 – keep on shooting!!!


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