Monthly salons results: Aug 2012

It is been almost one month since my last post but luckily it was my photography that kept me so busy. I had a trip the Golden Gate in the Eastern Free State, Giants Castle in the Drakensberg as well as VERY successful trip to the Maasai Mara in Kenya. But more about the trips in a later post. Let us focus on the my salon results for Aug 2012. I’ve tried my hand at three salons in Aug 2012 – one national salon and two international salons. It was an interesting month and sad to say – I had my second ever salon (since I’ve started entering salons in Nov 2011) in which I could not achieve any success. It was the 12th Malmo International exhibition of Photographic Art 2012 and not one of my 8 photos was accepted in either the colour or monochrome category. The previous salon with no success was also an international salon. But then on the other hand – 12 of my 16 photos were accepted in one of our national salons. But here are the details of the results:

a) 1st Tygerberg Digital Salon 2012 = 12 acceptances from 16 photos submitted with 4 photos receiving certificate of merit (COM) awards

b) 33rd Northern Counties International salon of Photography 2012 = 2 acceptances from 4 photos submitted

c) 12th Malmo International exhibition of Photographic Art 2012  = 0 acceptances from 8 photos submitted

My “Hippo yawn” photo taken on the Chobe River received another COM and as you’ve read in an earlier post of mine, it received a runner up-medal in a previous salon ( However, it was one of the photos that was not accepted in the Malmo salon.

But let us look at a few other success stories of the salon entries:

Side ways (details discussed in an earlier post – experiences with photography courses)

I received another COM (third COM) for this photo – interesting, it is either a COM or a non-acceptance photo.


Bulbul My seat (details discussed in the Mashatu trip report)

One of my favourite photo so far in the my two years as a part-time photographer. Just because of the degree of difficulty to get both birds so sharp in focus and the interaction between them. The photo was accepted by both the national and international salon.


Message to take home:

Do not take the outcome/result of a salon or competition personally – just remember, all the judges are human beings each with his/her own personal style. Keep on trying to submit the photo but if you do not get an acceptance after entering that particular photo for the fourth of fifth time, then you know – this photo is not a salon type of photo. However, do not let the rejection influence your opinion about the photo. Remember, you are taking photos for yourself and not for anybody else. You can still enjoy looking that specific photo – maybe because of the memories.

Until next month’s salon results – keep on shooting!!!



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