Monthly Salon Results: July 2012

I’ve decided to post my salon (photo competitions) results on a monthly basis and only post/discuss a few of the photos – any reader is more than welcome to comment on the photos.

So, I entered 3 salons in July 2012 and here are the overall results:

a) Dubrovnik International salon (Croatia) = 5 acceptances from 8 photos submitted

b) PSI 13th International salon (India) = 12 acceptances from 24 photos submitted

c) Pretoria National salon (South Africa) = 1 runner-up medal, 2 COM, 12 acceptances from 24 photos submitted

The following photos used in the salons provided some highlights for me :

Dead tree in the clouds.

Taken during our March 2012 trip to Namibia in Sossous vlei. The colour version of the photo do not have the same impact as this monochrome version. It was accepted in both (a) & (b) salons. It also received 4 other acceptance in national and international salons.


Windy Namibia

Another photo taken the same trip as the above photo – this time we stop on our way to Sossous vlei on a very windy afternoon and I decided to capture the wind. Initially I did not develop the photo because I thought it does not have the necessary impact. How wrong can one be? I’ve tried to enter the photo in three national salons and it received a COM award in salon (c) as well as acceptances in both the other two salons.


Hippo yawn 2

Another unexpected success story – the photo taken during our June 2012 Chobe River on Lou Coetzer’s boat. Initially when I took the photo I thought it is just another hippo yawn photo (how boring) but later I realised the detail in and the excellent light of the photo. The photo received the runner-up medal in the Nature division in salon (c), a COM award in the Tygerberg national salon (Aug 2012) as well as an acceptance in salon (a). The photo received an award in every (3) salon it was entered.


Little egret flying

This photo is a favourite of mine – taken during the same trip as the photo above. I just love the colour contrast with the very nice background – simplicity is the key in this photo. The photo received a COM award in the only salon I submitted it namely salon (c). Lets see what the future has installed for us.

Message to take home:

I think even with national and international salons one needs to take a message home. In this case – do not let your emotions decides which photos to submit to a competition/salon. Also look for all the photographic principles in your photos and only then make a decision.

Until the next monthly salon results – keep on shooting!!!


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