Bloemfontein Camera Club – September 2012

Well – another month, another challenge and we came to the end of the monthly challenges for the Bloemfontein Camera club for 2012. It was a very exciting year for me with the club although it was only my second year as an active member of the club. I’ve learned a lot by just submitting photos for judging as well as attending the meetings and listening to the speakers and judges’ comments. This month was no exception and it was another successful meeting for me. I submitted 3 photos in the Nature category and here are the photos as well as the outcomes:

The details of the photo was already discussed in an earlier post. The photo was taken from the elephant hide in Mashatu Nature Reserve in July 2012. I was not sure about this photo – is it really a salon/competition photo or not? Or is it just an “emotion” photo for me. Well, the judges decided it was worth a gold award (12/15). I already received one acceptance in a national salon for this photo and I am awaiting the results of four other salons. Wait and see is the name of the game.


Next up was another favourite photo of mine and another product of our July 2012 Mashatu trip – the details of photo provided in an earlier post. The photo also received a gold award (12/15) and I am awaiting the results of  two salons on this photo. It also received one acceptance in a national salon so far.


Another photo I was not sure about but the judges were clear on it – another gold award (12/15). It was taken during our Chobe River trip on Lou Coetzer’s boat in June 2012. Despite my uncertainty about this photo, it already received 3 acceptances in all three national salons I’ve entered it. This photo is not really one of my favourites photos but just to show you how opinions can differ.


The judges of the evening was very impressed with the quality of photos submitted in the 4 & 5 star category and they mentioned that is was even better than the golden honours and galaxy category.  There were even a few COM (14/15) awards amongst the 4 & 5 star members in the Nature division – usually there is only one or two such awards every 2-3 months.

So, there is no challenge next month in the club but members can submit their AVs and it will be shown. In the month of  November it is the trophy evening and the members are required to submit a range of photos in various categories. Therefore, no work for me in Sept and I’ll prepare a few photos for Nov 2012.

Message to take home:

Cassie du Plessis presented his experiences in bird photography and it was such an interesting/informative talk. He mentioned three categories/type/levels of bird photography and a photographer needs to master each one before moving on to the next level. And it make perfectly sense to me – it was my experience as well. In the first level a photographer needs to master the “Record” photos of birds – just taking photo of stationary birds. On the next level, the photographer can try to catch some “Action” photos of birds e.g. birds landing or getting off or the well known abbreviation BIF (birds in flight). The last level and surely the most difficult level (just because of the patience and anticipation needed) is the “Interaction” photos of birds – that is taking photos of the interaction between the bird and his/her environment e.g. a fight between birds or foraging/eating.

Well, until our next camera club meeting (trophy evening), keep shooting!!!


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