Bloemfontein Camera Club – Aug 2012

Well, well, well, what a surprise! Last month I was still a 3 star member and won the best photo in the Nature division in the 3 star division. Since then I was promoted to a 4 star membership and I had to enter my photos for the monthly club evening in a new class in August 2012.  The 4 and 5 star members’ photos are judged together and I thought: “Well, now I am between real photographers and just enjoy the ride.” What a surprise when my photo of the Bulbuls won the Nature division for the 4 & 5 star members (26 photos submitted) with a score of 12/15. Here is the photo once again and the details are posted in an earlier post (Mashatu trip report):

Bulbul My seat

I’ve just entered this photo in a salon – I am waiting anxiously for the outcome of the salon. I am a bit worried about the wing of the one Bulbul touching the frame/edge of the photo at the top.


The two other photos submitted for the club evening were also in the Nature division:

Cheetah chase

Details of photo were also posted earlier in my trip report on Mashatu. I got a silver (9/15) award for this photo. I knew it was not really club or salon photo but to me it was (and still is) a very emotional photo. Once again – just to show you that emotional photos are not always the outstanding photos. Photography principles are even more important to adhere to when it comes to competition and salon photos.


Little egret flying

Once again details were posted in my trip report on the Chobe River. I received a gold award (12/15) for this photo. This is now an example of a non-emotional photo. The original photo is not a “wow” photo and I almost deleted it. But after a second look and a little bit of cropping and exposure correction along with a few strong photography principles in place, the photo is now a club and salon type of photo. This photo was already entered in national salon and received a COM award (more about it in the next post).



The set subject for the evening was food photography and I’ve entered two photos:

Strawberry and creams

A very complicated setups to get this result of a photo (some complicated Photoshop activities to get the exposure right – no manipulation) and it scored 11/15 (gold award).


Glass of wine with a difference

The details of this photo were also discussed in a previous post (photography courses) and all I can say that it is a very complicated photo (6 photos in 1 to get the exposure and light just right). It got a gold award (12/15) from the judges.


Message to take home:

One of judges made a very important comment during the judging process (1 & 2 star judging): “Stay with the basic principles in photography until you’ve mastered it. Only then can you try to do something totally different. One must know what one is doing.” I also discover the meaning of “Learn to walk before you start running” very early during my photography courses. Just a thought to think about.

Until the next camera club meeting – keep shooting.


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