Good news about the water problems and bird hide at Stofdam, Mokala Nature Reserve

During my last visit to Mokala about a month ago I was very concerned about the dryness of / lack of water in the Stofdam for some time now. It means that there is almost no bird activities around the bird at the dam. My first visit to Mokala a year or two ago was a very pleasant one and I remembered the variety of birds around Stofdam (full of water). I wrote an e-mail to Tess (manager) and her staff after my last visit asking them for some explanation about the current situation at Stofdam. I also mentioned it in my SANPARK feedback via the Internet. I’ve got several responses from SANPARK as well as from Tess with the necessary explanations (problems with the boreholes and how they’ve  tried to address it without success).

Now I’ve just received a message from Tess with the following good news:

“As promised I will keep you informed when there will be water again in Stofdam bird hide. Please see attached email with a picture of the water starting to flow into Stofdam. We tried again to find water close by and were successful and sunk 2 new boreholes that had water. So we can now say with great relief that Stofdam will now have water.”

She also sent me the photo below of Stofdam with signs of water in the dam:

Thanks again for your trouble and keeping us informed. Hopefully the problem is solved and Mokala will see my in the near future as it is one of my favourite place to visit.

Keep it up.


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