Bloemfontein Camera Club – July 2012

This week was the first Tuesday of July and it was once again time for another Bloemfontein Camera Club evening. I submitted three photos in the Nature category of the 3 star membership group to be judged. I did not enter any photos in the Set subject category as the assignment was in the alter reality domain – you had to create a new kind of animal from various animals. Some of the members were really creative – see the images here for those who are interested (just click on “Vaste onderwerp”):

Back to reality – here are my results:

Baboon chase 2 (details provided in a previous post)

I received a score of 11/15 (gold award). One of the judges was a bit concerned about the overall greenish colour of the photo. No other serious negative crit.


Aggression 2 (details provided in a previous post)

I received a score of 11/15 (gold award) and luckily no serious negative crit from the judges on this photo.


Juvenile goshawk taking off (Nikon D3S, Nikon 600mmf4 fixed lens with 1.4 convertor = 850mm, f5.6, 1/5000, ISO800, exposure = -0.67, WB = sun, Aperture priority, 32 meters from bird, taken in Kgalagadi T. Park, March 2012)

I received a score of 13/15 (gold award) and also (luckily) no serious negative crit from the judges on this photo. The photo won the best image award in the Nature category for all the 3 star members.


And that was my last submission of photos as a three star member at Bloemfontein Camera Club. I’ve just received an e-mail from the club informing me that I am now officially a 4 star member. Meaning my next aim is to accumulate 80 club points, 50 salon points and receive 12 gold or merit awards to be promoted to a 5 star member. The salon points are not a problem as I do have 258 points already but the other two criteria – well, it is fresh start from zero.

Well, my new 4 star membership status might be a challenge but I am I’ll manage. Like I said before and that is the message after July 2012 club evening:

I am still learning and will never stop learning because I believe one must create one’s own opportunities to learn photography”

Let’s see how the 4 star membership develop – looking forward to the first Tuesday of August 2012.


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