Bloemfontein Camera Club – June 2012

I decided to write a short report/post every month on my camera club submissions and outcomes. I am not sure what will come out of it but let us see where it will take us. As mentioned earlier in my some of my posts, Bloemfontein Camera Club has a club meeting every first Tuesday of every month and the members need to submit your photos for scoring in order to be promoted. There are three categories in which photos can be submitted. Photos submitted in the first two categories namely “Nature” and “Pictorial” are scored and the points are used for promotion purposes. The third category in which members can submit photos is the “Set subject” category but the scores of the photos submitted in this category do not contributed toward your promotion. A member can submit three photos in either the “Nature” or “Pictorial” category and two photos in the “Set subject” category.

(Photo submitted for May 2012 club meeting, scored 9/15, Nikon D3S, Nikon 17 x 35mm @ 17mm lens, 10sec,  f11, ISO200, exposure = -1.00,  Manual mode, on tripod)


The photos are scored by three judges and the each judge gives a score out of 5. The three scores are added and a total score out of 15 is obtained for a photo. A bronze award is given to a photo with a score of score of less than 7 and the member will receive 1 point for promotion. A silver award is given to a photo with a total score of between 8 and 10 and the member will receive 2 points for the promotion system. A gold award is given to a photo with a total score of 11-13 and the member will receive 3 points for the promotion system. A Certificate of Merit (COM) is awarded to a photo with a total score of 14-15 marks and the member will receive 5 points for the promotion system. For more information on the promotion system, please visit Bloemfontein Camera Club’s website at:

(Photo submitted for April 2012 club meeting, scored 9/15, Nikon D3S, Nikon 70 x 200mm lens 2 190mm, 1/200, f10, ISO200, exposure = -1.00, WB = sun, Manual mode, 2.5m from subject, in a studio)


I am a 3 star member since February 2012 meaning I need to accumulate 50 Club Points, 8 Gold or Merit Awards, plus 18 Salon Points in order to be promoted to a 4 star member. Not an easy task with only three photos per month that can be used to accumulate points in the promotion system. Currently I do have 44 Club points, 10 Gold or Merit awards and 233 Salon points.


(Photo submitted for Feb 2012 club meeting, scored 12/15, Nikon D3S, Nikon 600mm f4 fixed lens, 1/4000, f7.1, ISO1250, exposure = -0.33, WB = sun, Aperture mode, 50meters from subject)


Let us look at last month (May 2012) submissions and you can by the judge – see if you agree with the judges. All three my photos were submitted in the “Nature” category:

Kite landing 1 – photo taken during our last Kgalagadi trip between 13 & 14 borehole. I do like this photo because I used a pre-focused method to capture the Black shouldered kite landing in this tree and the kite is nicely in focus (not very often that I got it right). Too bad about the branches and leaves that is in the way but such is wildlife photography. I got a score of 12/15 (gold award) for the photo.

(Nikon D3S, Nikon 600mm f4 fixed lens, 1/2500, f4, ISO500, exposure = 00, WB = sun, Aperture mode, 32meters from subject)


Muddy take off 2 – also taken during last Kgalagadi trip at Dalkeith waterhole. These Namaqua sandgrouse (Kelkiewyn) are very difficult to capture and to get one in focus is even more difficult. Not all people know it and bird photographers surely will agree with me. One judge agreed with me and was surprised when the photo got a final score of 10/15 and a silver award. He mentioned the fact that it is very difficult to get (bird in flight (BIF)) photos of these birds and he expected a gold award for this photo. Well, maybe the post-processing and the background of the photo were the two things that contribute towards a silver award.

(Nikon D3S, Nikon 600mm f4 fixed lens, 1/4000, f5, ISO800, exposure = -0.67, WB = sun, Aperture mode, 15meters from subject)


Red dunes – one of my favourite photos from our Namibia trip and photography workshop with Hougaard Malan in March 2012. Taken late in the afternoon when the sun was about to set – one of the two famous golden hours for photographers – the other being sunrise. The photo received a 15/15 and a COM award. It also won the best photo award in the “Nature” category for the three star members.

(Nikon D3S, Nikon 17 x 35mm lens @ , 1/5,  f11, ISO200, exposure = 00, WB = sun, Manual mode, infinity from subject)


It is not often that I participate in the “Set subject” category but last month I did as the subject was “Architecture in black and white”. I submitted the following two photos taken during the second week our trip to of southern Namibia (after the workshop with Hougaard).

Door to nowhere – received a score of 9/15

(Nikon D3S, Nikon 70 x 200mmf2.8 lens @ 98mm, 1/8, f13, ISO200, exposure = +0.67, WB = auto, Aperture mode, 6.3meters from subject)


Old House – received a score of 12/15

(Nikon D3S, Nikon 17 x 35mmf2.8 lens @ 32mm, 1/20, f11, ISO200, exposure = 00, WB = auto, Aperture mode, on tripod)


Message taken home from club meeting (like I said before – one must take something home with you):

“We can agree to disagree without having a heated debate about it. On another day with other judges I would have had different scores for my photos. We have different opinions and we need to respect each other’s opinion”


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