The next step – photography courses (part 3)

At the end of the 6 months beginners’ course, we all had to choose our best photos taken during some of the practical session (Saturday mornings). In two categories, we were allowed to submit photos of our own choice – any photos could have been chosen taken anywhere. You can already see where I am going with my photography by looking at my choices in the “Own choice” section – nature photography and especially birds in flight.

Prof Gert asked a senior member of the Bloemfontein Camera Club to come and judge (and crit) our photos. Here are my selections of photos presented during the evening:

Own choice (1):

Freshford museum

Olivia farm

UFS kiekie safari


War museum




Own choice (2):

I was very lucky and my own choice (2) photo of the vulture and jackal interaction was nominated as the best photo of the evening.

Please note that I did not re-develop/process the photos for this post – this was my level of post-processing/development at that stage. Shocking but hopefully I can only improve from this level upwards. Currently I am working hard at it.

And so I came to another milestone in my photography journey – sucessfully completed a very, very informative course which forced my to think outside the box and try something new all the time. Thanks Prof Gert, you are a star. Hopefully you’ve put me on the right track. The question is what next? Only time will tell.


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