The next step – photography courses (part 2)

Let us continue with the beginners’ course of Prof Gert Lambrecht and share with you some of the photos I took during his course. I started in Aug 2011 with the course and at that stage I barely knew how to switch on the camera never mind using word like ISO, shutter speed, sensor, white balance, aperture mode, and so on. You can image how stressful the first Saturday morning’s practical session was. Do not even mention the word Photoshop! My wife assisted me with the development/post processing otherwise I would have been in serious trouble. Luckily Prof Gert has a lot of patience and repetition was the key word. Now how about some of the topic/practical session and the photos I took. Now you can play the judge and crit my photos (just remember I only became a serious photographer a few months ago):

Flowers and models:


War museum

Freshford museum

Stud farm horses

Black and white techniques

Olivia farm

Flash and model

Night photography

Panoramic photo technique

UFS “kiekie” safari

The purpose of this post was to share some my photos taken during the beginners’ course with you. The only message I want you to take home afer reading this post is:

“It is not worth spending lots of money of camera equipment and think you can become a great photographer.”

“Go out and learn from experienced people and most of all: Don’t be shy to expose and share your photographic skills or the lack therefor in front of other peole. It is the best way to learn the trade.”


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