The early days in photography (Part 1)

As mentioned earlier, I only started with photography in last quarter of 2010. My wife was well underway with her photography and I was the driver of the car. She was getting frustrated with me when it comes to wildlife photography as I was a bit impatient with her. I wanted her to take the photos much quicker because the birds tend to fly away before she was ready to take the photo – my words (usually): “Maak gou, maak gou, hy gaan vlieg!!!” Well, at the end it became just too much for her and decided she I must get my own DSLR camera. Just to see if I can do a better job. That was how I ended up getting a Nikon D7000 (just released with very good reviews) and a Nikon 70 x 300mm 4.5/5.6 lens.

Now the challenges – what does all the buttons and settings mean? How does one use a DSLR camera? I did not even know how to switch the camera on.  Well, put all he setting on auto and take photos! No, that doesn’t work. My photos do not look as impressive as my wife’s photos. Did she enjoy herself! “Vat so, blinde sambok!” Now I can see why wildlife photography is not that easy. Solutions? Luckily for Prof Hennie Cronje and his introductory workshops on photography. So, I attended my first two introductory courses on photography (Learn your DSLR camera & The basic principles of photography). Wow, what an eye opener! I learned so much during that 4 Friday evenings and Saturday mornings – it is unbelievable.

After the courses it was off to the Mokala National Park to practice my newly acquired knowledge and skills with my “new” DSLR camera . Here are some of my “best” pictures of the trip Mokala trip (Feb 2011):


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